SOURCE: Crosspitch

March 12, 2007 22:39 ET

eBay Power Sellers Reporting Strong Auction Sales With Crosspitch

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 12, 2007 -- Cross promoting internet sales spells big business and big money for clients of Crosspitch, whose unique internet gallery tool has stood out on eBay and other auction websites and has translated into dollars for their clients.

"It only makes sense to cross promote your items," says Crosspitch CEO, John Jackson. "If a buyer is happy with the service he or she received from you, it is only natural for the same buyer to work with you again. This powerful online auction tool maximizes that opportunity."

According to current Crosspitch clients, Crosspitch Gallery has increased their sell-through by up to 22% and number of hits to their websites by up to 60%.

"It's a marketing fact that it costs seven times as much money to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one," said Internet Marketing Guru Tim Dillard. "So why wouldn't you want to show as many of your items as possible to every buyer and click?"

With its patented auction gallery tool, Crosspitch is becoming a household name among internet auction sellers. While eBay allows only four stationary cross promotion items in each listing, Crosspitch's unique gallery scrolls as many as 50 items at a time. The items scroll with the middle item magnified and a description of the item displayed underneath. Buyers can easily click through to find the item on the seller's website. To see this innovative marketing tool, go to

Crosspitch is an Austin, Texas-based company specializing in online auction selling tools for serious sellers, also known as power sellers on such sites as eBay. It is run by John Jackson and Landon Durham, also of Austin, Texas.

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