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June 21, 2006 10:31 ET

Echelon Marketing® Group Partners With Allant® and Intellidyn® to Host Breakfast Panel Session

"The Hottest Trends in Leveraging Consumer Information to Improve Marketing and Sales Strategies"

MCLEAN, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 21, 2006 -- Echelon Marketing Group, a division of IXI™ Corporation, announced that it will host a breakfast panel session coinciding with the DM Days Annual New York Conference & Expo being held June 20-22. The session, "The Hottest Trends in Leveraging Consumer Information to Improve Marketing and Sales Strategies" is to include industry leaders from Echelon Marketing Group, The Allant Group, and Intellidyn and will be held on June 21.

The goal of the panel is to shed light on new approaches, strategies and tools that leverage the vast array of consumer insight data available to marketers today. Joining Don Neal, president of Echelon Marketing, will be Don Hinman, Ph.D., executive vice president and senior principal of The Allant Group and Peter Harvey, president and CEO of Intellidyn.

"Marketers have access to an overwhelming amount of data, but they need to focus on using that data to generate intelligence in order to be relevant to their customers," notes Don Hinman of Allant.

The panel will discuss why powerful Customer Data Integration (CDI) capabilities, fully adopted in virtually every sophisticated marketing organization, don't help marketers target their most viable and valuable customers and prospects.

"Our goal is to share how we've had success helping marketers learn and replicate those experiences that reinforce buying behavior for their products and services," adds Peter Harvey of Intellidyn.

The panel will also discuss what new information is available to marketers to improve segmentation, modeling, and targeting techniques.

"Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have a painfully short window to prove the effectiveness of their marketing programs -- less than 23 months in most cases. I believe real insight into consumer spending capacity and spending behavior is the key to success for today's CMO and this panel session and our invited speakers will provide that insight," says Don Neal.

About Echelon Marketing Group

Echelon Marketing Group is dedicated to helping its clients uniquely understand, target and optimize the value of their customers and prospects. By leveraging proprietary asset information into econometric marketing models, Echelon has created a new and essential category of consumer spending power and purchase propensity called Economic Insight and Action. This category of consumer information includes reliable measures of consumers spending capacity, actionable segmentation systems, and strategic insight. When clients apply Echelon products and services to their customer databases, they can identify and target their most valuable and viable customers and prospects, which results in higher marketing return on investment. Based in McLean, VA, Echelon Marketing Group was formed in 2004 and is a division of IXI Corporation. For more information, visit

About Allant

Based in Naperville, IL, Allant is a marketing optimization solution provider that leverages predictive intelligence, strategic and analytic services, and marketing automation to maximize marketing spend productivity, strategy, and results for its clients. Allant supports more than 250 clients across its marketing services, vertical industry solutions and teleservices business units. For more information, visit

About Intellidyn

Based in Hingham, MA, Intellidyn has compiled the nation's most comprehensive and up-to-date transaction, credit, demographic, and behavioral databases, and provides the most in-depth, "atomic" level of data management, analytic services, list services, database marketing, and strategic services available today. For more information, visit

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