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August 23, 2012 09:30 ET

Echotec Sonar to Launch Its New 3D High Definition Sonar in Late 2012

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2012) - Northstar Electronics, Inc. (OTCBB: NEIK) provides this update.

Echotec Sonar, a division of Northstar Electronics, plans to launch its 3D High Definition Sonar before the end of 2012. In anticipation of baseline investment from the market, Echotec Sonar is positioned to sell to the cash rich commercial fishing industry in more than 6 countries. Having gained strong interest from distributors currently selling to the world's pelagic fishing fleets, Echotec expects rapid sales growth as word spreads.

"By the end of the first year, we anticipate that the Echotec division of Northstar will be in a cash positive position, allowing us to add the defense, Homeland Security, and commercial shipping markets to our future customer base," said Dr. Wilson Russell, CEO of Northstar Electronics.

Phillip Johnson, Echotec Sonar's President, noted, "The High Definition Sonar Platform was designed for easy software upgrades and to meet the needs of more sophisticated markets than commercial fishing. Given our current planning, we expect to be able to have a tested and working design for many types of object detection and security before the end of 2013.

"The HDS will be configured for ships using a 6-inch sea chest within the commercial fishing fleet. We have adopted this approach to focus on the simplest configuration before launching into the more sophisticated military and commercial security markets. This allows us to quickly get product out the door, while still focusing on expert system configuration items.

"Echotec plans to expand its operation using three teams, one for military configurations, one for the commercial security market, and one for the commercial fishing markets. We are currently reviewing Canadian and American ISO9001 certified manufacturers to find the best fit for our designs. We are working to achieve high manufacturing cost efficiencies while ensuring the highest product quality."

Following the closing of the sale of their other subsidiary, NNL, Northstar Electronics will be aggressively pursuing the acquisition of an additional private company. The acquisition targets will possess advanced technology that is based in the defense or homeland security industries, will be complimentary in nature to that of Echotec Sonar, and will be focussed on North American markets. These companies will already be profitable and have long term contracts and projects underway that allow them to continue strong revenue growth with known, realistic revenue targets.

About Echotec Sonar:

Echotec Sonar Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northstar Eletronics, Inc. The founders have over eighty combined man-years of expertise developing high frequency sonar products within the defense and commercial industries. Echotec Sonar is a world leader in this field through experience, technical acumen, and a team diversity, which understands the needs of many defense and commercial entities.

About Northstar:

Northstar Electronics, Inc., is a holding company with executive management specialized in design engineering, defense, advanced systems, security, sonar, systems integration, and prototyping fields. Northstar is actively pursuing opportunities through acquisition, joint venture, or merger to increase revenues and expand its base of subsidiaries.

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