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October 27, 2015 08:05 ET

Eckleburg Consulting Firm Launches "No Barrier Pricing"

Career Enhancement Service Provides a Financially Intriguing Road to Career Self-Discovery

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Oct 27, 2015) - Eckleburg Consulting, a relatively new, Minneapolis-based career planning firm promises "No Barrier Pricing" for those feeling "stuck" in their careers based on a "pay what you want" model.

Founded in 2014 by businessperson Tom Erickson, Eckleburg Consulting helps individuals find meaning and fulfillment in their lives and assists them in uncovering their purpose. The ultimate goal is for clients to achieve their aspirations through increased self-awareness and self-confidence.

"Our business model is unique. The pricing and the process are unlike most consulting firms. I assist individuals who feel 'stuck' in their careers get 'unstuck' by helping them figure out who they really are and what they really want. I believe the ancient Greek saying 'Know Thyself' is the key to living a life of meaning and fulfillment. Eckleburg helps facilitate this. Strong self-awareness helps you discover what you truly want, and the self-confidence from being self-aware helps you achieve those aspirations," said Erickson.

Though self-improvement consulting is not a new concept, Eckleburg Consulting differs from other career counseling firms in several ways, one of the most important being fees for services. Using "No Barrier Pricing" this strategy offers an attractive option for those seeking Erickson's help.

"No Barrier Pricing" is about three distinct things for me. It is based on the concept of 'whatever you can afford, or whatever it is worth to you,' (whichever is less). Our structure offers consulting services for individuals, no matter your income level. It also allows the consumer to determine how valuable the service was to them. Finally, the pricing applies to ALL services for the individual -- from the simple to the complex. In the past, I have asked clients what the service was worth to them, and they have said it is invaluable. So while the actual fees received for my services will vary from person to person...I'm okay with that because I really just want to help people," said Erickson.

In addition to the unique pricing model, Eckleburg is also different in the way it focuses on total growth as part of a client's self-development. Their help doesn't force the candidate into a single framework but works on the entire person. 

"There are a lot of resources that exist to help you become more self-aware and self-confident. You can find resources to help your personality, strengths, resume, speaking skills, leadership abilities and even cultural awareness. There are many more, but they all have one thing in common; they work within a framework and fit the person into the framework. At Eckleburg Consulting, you are the framework and together we find the tools to help you achieve your potential," said Erickson.

Erickson's approach has many supporters. "If you're looking for someone who develops others into being the best of who they are Tom is the person you need to partner with. He inspires others with his ability to pinpoint strengths, communication style, and openness to share his wisdom with anyone around who needs a lift. He possesses knowledge beyond the normal leader to mold individuals to maximize their individual potential," said D'Arcie Froelich, an Eckleburg client.

"I envision a world where individuals make decisions about where they want to work based on the values they hold instead of out of duty or to simply earn money, Erickson said. "My goal is to create a workplace, full of people bringing their whole selves to their positions. I imagine the innovation and progress that could be achieved when the relationship between employee and employer is not just mutually beneficial, but mutually maximized," he said.

About Eckleburg Consulting Services

Tom Erickson founded Eckleburg Consulting Services in 2014 as a way to help individuals find meaningful and fulfilling careers. As a career strategist he facilitates greater self-awareness in individuals and then uses their increased understanding of self to bridge their current career path to one of purpose. He started Eckleburg Consulting as a direct result of his own experience in the corporate world, which left him feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Find out more at

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