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October 07, 2014 07:00 ET

Eco-Shift Power Corp. (ECOP) Helps Businesses Achieve Measurable Environmental Benefits and Bottom Line Savings

CAMBRIDGE, ON--(Marketwired - October 07, 2014) - Last week, Eco-Shift Power Corp (ECOP) organized a special event to congratulate local businesses on their achievements in reducing energy usage and GHG emissions. In addition to generating significant bottom line savings for clients, ECOP is able to identify and quantify environmental benefits for each project. ECOP is finding that businesses assign more value to investments that have an environmental benefit given the rise in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and shifts in the market demand for more sustainable goods and services. ECOP provides clients with a report that details the exact amount of electricity saved and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) reduced, which the clients can then use in marketing and awareness.

As the world becomes more aware of the economic benefits associated with sustainable investments, businesses are faced with the challenge of deciding where to invest. ECOP provides clients with an obvious solution by combining measurable environmental benefits, significant financial savings, and improved lighting.

CJ Brubacher Plumbing and Frey's Flowers are both great examples of companies who have taken the appropriate steps to operate in a more sustainable and energy efficient manner. With the installation of high efficiency NetZero Certified LED luminaires, both organizations have been successful in drastically reducing their energy bills while reducing GHG emissions and improving their lighting.

CJ Brubacher made the switch from T8 / T12 fluorescents, halogens and high-pressure sodium luminaires to ECOP NetZero Certified, highly efficient LED tubes, bulbs and Wallpacks. By making this switch, CJ Brubacher is now experiencing impressive energy reductions of 67%. Kyle Brubacher, owner of CJ Brubacher, stated, "We are not only experiencing significant improvements to light levels in our warehouse, but have also noticed the savings in our hydro bill every month."

Frey's Flower's T12 fluorescents and incandescent bulbs have been retrofitted with NetZero Certified LED tubes and bulbs. By switching to LED technologies, they are not only experiencing a better quality of light for their flora, but are experiencing phenomenal energy savings of 83%! Karen Brubacher remarked, "Our staff and customers have noticed the difference… We can actually see now! The flowers look great as we can more easily care for them and more importantly, the whole upgrade was done without any business interruptions."

ECOP has partnered with a number of organizations within the region including Bridgeland Terminals, Vernla Livestock, CJ Brubacher and Frey's Flowers. With the help of these clients and other partnerships in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, ECOP has reduced energy consumption just in Ontario by approximately 6.4 million kWh! That is the equivalent of preventing 4.7 million pounds of coal from being burned or saving roughly 3600 acres of trees.

The ceremony event had a great turn out from local businesses and community members. Jeff Quint from Waterloo North Hydro presented the saveONenergy energy incentive check to both companies. Mayor Todd Cowan was also in attendance and assisted with the ribbon cutting. Local NGO's, including Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR), were also present at the ceremony.

The event was covered by the media, including the Woolwich Observer and the Independent, another local newspaper.

Sustainability Culture at ECOP:
Jim Hughes, ECOP CFO states, "It is our drive to help the environment in a real and measurable way that sets us apart from many of our competitors. Our mission is to solve environmental problems while increasing shareholder value at the same time".

Green Team: ECOP has also created a Green Team which meets once a month to discuss internal green initiatives as well as attend various 'green' events. Some of their successes last year include establishing a company GHG baseline and transitioning from an observing member of the Regional Carbon Initiative (RCI) to a Bronze Pledging member.

Finally, ECOP has a Corporate Social Responsibility Program exclusively for Not-for profit Organizations. One of the initiatives within this program involves supporting local NGOs with their sustainability agenda. ECOP provides free lighting assessments, discounted audits and Energy Efficiency Lighting projects up to 40% (on product and installation associated costs). Goodwill Industries Ontario Great Lakes benefited from this program last March when upgrading their lighting at the Guelph Community Store & Donation Centre.

About Eco-Shift Power
Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Eco-Shift Power Corp. (ECOP) is a lighting retrofit socialist and manufacturer of best-in-class LED lighting products and wireless energy management technologies. Core ECOP competencies include high efficiency LED lighting, wireless energy management systems and cloud-based software platforms capable of Automated Energy Management. ECOP is able to create an intelligent energy management platform that can deliver cost savings and revenue generation via:

  • energy efficiency improvements (up to 60% savings when switching to LED);
  • optimizing lighting levels based on usage (motion sensors) and daylight (daylight sensors);
  • scheduling of lighting zones and system optimization;
  • reducing electricity demand during peak pricing;
  • managing utility demand response programs;
  • reducing maintenance and system management costs; and
  • Improving lighting levels for enhanced customer/employee experience and improved safety and security.

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