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May 15, 2007 08:30 ET

eCopy™ Announces Customer Best Practices Award Winners

Organizations Leverage Document Imaging to Improve Speed and Productivity of Business Workflows

MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- eCopy Paper Connection Forum -- eCopy, Inc., a leading provider of solutions that integrate paper documents into business software applications, today announced the winners of the second annual eCopy Best Practices awards. The award winners demonstrated innovation in document scanning by driving their organizations to convert paper-based information into secure digital documents so they can keep up with the pace of e-business processes.

The winners were selected from organizations worldwide that have deployed eCopy document imaging software in core business processes. They were recognized at the eCopy Paper Connection Forum, an industry conference for office equipment dealers, multifunction peripheral (MFP) manufacturers, independent software vendors, and industry experts to collaborate on document imaging strategies for integrating paper-based information with business applications and other electronic workflows.

"This year's award winners have transformed business workflows by enabling the people closest to work processes to choose at what point to add paper-based information to applications," said Vickie Malis, vice president of Marketing at eCopy. "They have adopted the best practice method to capture paper-based information at the point when it is most advantageous to the knowledge worker. We congratulate all the organizations for their best practices excellence."

The winners of the 2007 Best Practices Awards are:

Best Business Application Integration -- Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has leveraged eCopy Connectors to link document scanning processes with its Interwoven and Stellent document management applications. The company has more than 130 eCopy ScanStations operating on Ricoh MFPs along with eCopy Desktop to create, annotate, and distribute PDF files. The Verizon Wireless legal department utilizes eCopy to create electronic workflows to manage over 6,000 subpoenas for calling records per month.

Best Business Process Improvement -- Aero Union Corporation

Aero Union Corp., an aerospace firm based in Chico, Calif., faced delays in financial business processes due to time-consuming interoffice mail and paper-based processes. eCopy ShareScan® software working on Canon MFPs has helped Aero Union reduce finance workflows from days and weeks to minutes and hours, delivering an estimated 70 percent in overall time savings. eCopy-enabled audit trails have resulted in more efficient reconciliation processes for paper intensive accounting workflows.

Best Content Management System Integration -- Enrichment Technology Company

Enrichment Technology utilizes eCopy Connector software to link document scanning with EMC Documentum Content Server, enabling employees that work off-site to return to the office and scan documents into a Documentum repository. The eCopy software provides multiple, intuitive options for document distribution direct from Canon MFPs, including Documentum, e-mail, eCopy Desktop, and network folders. It also provides authentication, audit trails and encryption to meet strict security regulations. Enrichment Technology, based in the United Kingdom, provides project management services for uranium enrichment plants.

Best eCopy Desktop Application -- City of Torrance, California

The City of Torrance, Calif. was overwhelmed in managing high volumes of city records related to pending litigation. The City utilized eCopy ShareScan working with Canon MFPs to transition to electronic document management, eliminating nearly 300 cubic feet of file cabinets in the process. Additionally, Torrance leveraged eCopy Desktop software to integrate with Interwoven document management and RightFax fax management applications, improving process efficiency and document accessibility.

Best Enterprise Scanning Initiative -- Sprint

Sprint has utilized eCopy ShareScan software working on Canon MFPs as part of an initiative to reduce paper consumption and encourage employees to communicate digitally, rather than through traditional methods.

Best Identity Services Integration -- Salans

Salans, an international law firm with its largest office in Paris, France, utilizes eCopy ShareScan to add paper-based information into its matter-centric document management application. User authentication before scanning documents at the Canon MFP is conducted utilizing proximity cards to maintain confidentiality, privacy, and accountability. The eCopy software helped Salans gain ISO process quality certification by enabling all information to be digitized and saved in one location.

Best Vertical Application -- Abrazo Health Care

Abrazo Health Care, a group of six specialized health care affiliates in Maricopa County, Ariz., required extensive time resources and personnel costs in managing paper-based health care provider privileges and credentials. It now utilizes eCopy ShareScan working on Toshiba MFPs to scan incoming documents and associate them with medical staff records maintained in a Midas+ software application, cutting a process that previously took 40 hours a month in staff time down to four hours per month. This new electronic process has resulted in no paper files being added to Abrazo's onsite hardcopy storage and fax volumes being reduced by 50 percent in the medical staff office.

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