SOURCE: Ecosphere Technologies, Inc.

June 09, 2009 08:00 ET

Ecosphere Technologies Signs Agreement With Ely & Assoc. and Vanguard to Improve Hydraulic Fracturing Methods in Shale Plays

Oil & Gas Industry Veteran John Ely Joins Forces With Ecosphere

STUART, FL--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ESPH), a diversified water engineering and services company announces today that it has officially joined forces with Ely & Associates and Vanguard Stimulation Services to market its Ecosphere Ozonix, EcosFrac, and EcosBrine water treatment services to their energy customers. Ely and Associates is a petroleum engineering company involved in the design and implementation of hydraulic fracturing treatments. Vanguard Stimulations Services provides hydraulic fracturing services to major energy companies.

Ely & Associates supervised more than 4,000 frac treatments in 2008. John Ely, President and CEO, designs hundreds of frac treatments yearly and has been deeply involved in virtually every shale play in the U.S. and has a specialized design process for WaterFracs.

John Ely, CEO of Ely & Assoc., stated: "Recent field tests ending 1Q 2009 conducted by a major energy company in the Woodford Shale resulted in significantly improved well production on 17 wells that the Ecosphere Ozonix and EcosBrine process were used on compared to a similar group of wells completed during 4Q 2008 that the Ecosphere process wasn't used on. The improved well production we have experienced with the Ecosphere process in the Woodford Shale is a function of Ecosphere's Ozonix process removing potentially damaging cations from the water and dissolving scaling material from the formation. It also involves some unique advanced oxidation properties which control any potential development of anerobic bacteria in the formation. The combined advantages of removing virtually all chemicals from WaterFracs including biocide, scale inhibitor, and corrosion inhibitor as well as requiring much less friction reducer, has made the EcosFrac and EcosBrine processes truly a step change in our industry. I am very excited about working closely with Ecosphere and recommending this breakthrough process to our customers. When you can reduce chemicals, increase production, and recycle vital water resources you have a very compelling reason for an energy company to use Ecosphere's technology on every frac job."

Ecosphere Energy Services President Dennis McGuire stated, "John is a trusted and knowledgeable engineer and consultant to the oil & gas industry that can help get our story out there to the folks that matter. John has been a tremendous help guiding us in the design of our equipment since we were first introduced a year ago by one of our energy customers. We are very excited about consummating our relationship with John Ely, Ely & Associates and Vanguard."

Ely's involvement with Ecosphere will be in the consulting area of total fluid treatment for hydraulic fracturing from the fluids used on the frac, recycling of flow back, and finally disposal of the fluid back into the environment. Ely is also the CEO of Vanguard Stimulation Services that will offer the Ecosphere Ozonix, EcosFrac, and EcosBrine services to its customers.

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