August 10, 2012 06:00 ET

ECRM: Drought Not Affecting July Food Prices

SOLON, OH--(Marketwire - Aug 10, 2012) -  Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM®), a leader in business innovation and technology, analyzes promoted retail prices to help predict fluctuations in the economy and the retail industry overall. While developing the CPPS (Competitive Promotional Pricing Summary), a strong relationship between retailer promotional price points and macro-economic factors, particularly inflation, were self-evident. Historically, ECRM's regression-based predictions did not include a large range of items, rather the predictions were based on specific contributory items used in the CPI. However, in an effort to generate more predictive reports, ECRM developed a model that forecasts the entire food-at-home category that is used within CPI reports.

In May 2012, the food-at-home category was 8.5% of the total CPI. By inserting multiple promotional pricing datasets into a customized regression model, ECRM is able to predict the sum of six sub-categories on an individual level. Using the BLS weights to consider each of the six sub-categories, ECRM created a basket that is extremely correlated (0.9673) with the food-at-home category. 

The current drought conditions have yet to lead to an increase in food prices, we predict that the food-at-home index will decline for the month of July by 3 points to 229. Visit for a detailed look at ECRM's predictions. 

Since the CPI and ECRM's CPPS are mere sample studies from very different sources, we are encouraged to be able to predict food-at-home with a surprisingly strong 0.9356 R². Neither CPI reports nor ECRM's CPPS can measure inflation with 100% accuracy, however, since each index is independent, unbiased, and highly correlated, we find evidence of statistical integrity and value in measuring macro-economic factors like inflation.

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