eCrypt Technologies Inc.

eCrypt Technologies Inc.

April 24, 2013 07:00 ET

eCrypt Technologies Designs Revolutionary Secure System for Government and Large Enterprise

Solution caters to highly regulated verticals including healthcare, finance, military and defense

BOULDER, COLORADO--(Marketwired - April 24, 2013) - eCrypt Technologies (OTCBB:ECRY) announces an enterprise-level solution to meet and exceed increasingly demanding data confidentiality regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). This revolutionary platform was designed with insight collected from organizations within healthcare, finance, military and defense. Announcements to come.

Today, impacted organizations struggle with complicated networks composed of disparate technologies, many of which are incrementally patched to address new threats, while neglecting to close security gaps in traditional solutions. This results in a reactive approach to security, with companies spending more on data leak response - including litigation - than on developing their core business. eCrypt developed its newest technology with a focus on data leak prevention while increasing organizational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

"This technology revolutionizes the conventional approach of adapting old solutions to new threats," commented eCrypt CEO Brad Lever. "We've designed an integrated system that not only solves current security threats it also anticipates tomorrow's, while addressing the modern challenges organizations face today."

At its core, the product is an integrated email and encryption server deployed on an organization's hardware to fortify the security around all corporate communication, including attachments and mobile devices, against data breaches and user error while eliminating phishing threats and spam, and the need for separate encryption servers with their associated bloated administration and weaknesses from multiple points of entry.

The solution was designed with the following guiding principles:

  • Security: Encrypting messages and attachments occurs at multiple touch points both in transit and in storage. Familiar technologies and protocols such as AES, SSL and multi-factor authentication have been incorporated to achieve maximum security. In addition, malware and anti-virus scanning are inherent.
  • Compliance: Facilitating effective responses to regulatory audits and evidentiary investigations, the product's compliance toolset is comprised of a dedicated Compliance Officer user role, lifelong message and audit trail retention, advanced search functionality, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.
  • Control: Using the system's security policies, companies can easily implement role based access restrictions for administrators, and rules that define which users can communicate with each other, what attachment types can be sent, viewed, forwarded, downloaded or printed and which external domains or email addresses are white-listed.
  • Simplicity: Applying a new perspective and application to familiar technologies the solution ensures administrators can successfully master it. Transparent integration with familiar email clients, such as Outlook, and user friendly web interfaces eliminate the end user learning curve while facilitating secure communication and collaboration for all in-house and remote employees.
  • Flexibility: Integrating with a myriad of other systems and processes, the solution is deployed on an organizations preferred hardware, helping firms leverage their investment in hardware, software, workflow, and branding. Tailored to meet each organization's unique requirements, the product is highly customizable.

In addition to the understanding the company has developed to date of how end users interact with security technologies, throughout the development process eCrypt worked with organizations within healthcare, finance, military and defense, gathering invaluable insight into the unique operational challenges faced by these highly regulated verticals. This engaged approach allowed eCrypt to develop a solution that enables organizations to optimize security and operational efficiency while satisfying data security regulations.

eCrypt is currently pursuing multiple patent opportunities for the technology, and working with one of the world's leading security firms on a security audit of the product.

About eCrypt Technologies - eCrypt Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ECRY) is at the forefront of data security, specializing in military grade email encryption and file storage products for individuals, small business and enterprise. eCrypt empowers people and organizations with the freedom to communicate fully and openly without risk of liability, reputation damage, competitive threat and other negative outcomes. eCrypt is the trusted first choice for those looking to keep their communications confidential. eCrypt Technologies, Inc.

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