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Ecrypt Technologies, Inc.
Cicada Security Technology Inc.

November 18, 2014 05:00 ET

Ecrypt's Market Alliance Member, Cicada Security Technology Inc., Announces the Launch of New Data Privacy Products

Cicada Security Technology Develops Innovative Solutions Engineered to Resolve Security Gaps Which Cannot Be Addressed by Current End Point Security, Disk Encryption or Authentication Technologies

BOULDER, COLORADO and MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Nov. 18, 2014) - Cicada Security Technology Inc. (CST) announced today with its marketing alliance partner Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:ECRY), the addition of Cicada II to its Cicada line of data privacy technologies. According to Cicada Security Technology CEO, Ryk Edelstein, "the Cicada II extends the scope of the Cicada protective model to include coverage of Bluetooth enabled smart phone and tablet based devices".

Cicada data privacy technologies are market driven solutions that effectively address common gaps which are unaddressed by authentication, encryption, and existing end point security technologies. Designed to enable security practitioners to attain comprehensive data privacy, Cicada data privacy technologies extend the protective coverage afforded by the office environment, to include the mobile workforce. The Cicada's active protection model continually monitors authenticated phones, tablets, or laptop devices for evidence of attempted theft or tamper, and responsively interrupts access to system resources, and stored, cloud or network accessible data.

As both government and enterprise continue to grow their mobile and external workforces, the traditional office environment has transitioned to favor a mobile technology equipped workforce that is capable of secure access to valuable confidential data, from any available network connection. Ecrypt and Cicada Security Technology possess years of experience in the delivery of secure network solutions, and have aligned our technologies to deliver a comprehensive secure communications solution which effectively addresses many difficult to address concerns, including user compliance to security practices, risk attributed to human error, and targeted attack.

Edelstein commented: "Traditional technologies which focus on threat at the logical level, fall short in their ability to detect threat attributed to physical risk, such as theft or tamper. This vulnerability exposes whatever information, or service that is accessible by an active and authenticated device to become accessible, to an unauthorized party. Cicada data privacy technologies deliver a flexible deployment model which can be delivered as an easy to use standalone product, or integrated as an enabling technology with products from external authentication, encryption, and other end point security vendors, to extend their risk visibility to include physical threat".

Cicada Security Technology products empower Ecrypt to deliver an enhanced security visibility by assuring that the data secured by Ecrypt is protected against exposure due to all levels of threat, both at the physical and logical levels.

According to Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, Ecrypt's CEO: "Ecrypt's ability to deliver a market driven, secure email platform involves alliances with innovators, such as Cicada Security Technology, to enable Ecrypt to deliver solutions which meet today's complex security challenges".

Dr. Cellucci was the first Chief Commercialization Officer at the US Department of Homeland Security and the White House and served in both the Bush and Obama Administrations due his technical prowess coupled with his speed-of-execution. In addition to his experience and expertise as a senior executive and Board member for over 30 years in the private sector, Cellucci serves on a number of Boards, is the author of over 24 books and more than 192 scholarly articles.

About Cicada Security Technology Inc.

Cicada Security Technology is a Montréal, Québec based developer of innovative data privacy technologies which resolve common and unaddressed critical security gaps. Ryk Edelstein possesses over 30 years of experience building and managing solution providers focused on delivering networking and security solutions to the enterprise and government space, and provides Cicada Security Technology with the technical vision and alignment necessary to deliver security solutions which are aligned to actual client needs. For more information, visit

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Ecrypt Technologies, Inc. is at the forefront of data security, specializing in military-strength information security solutions for enterprise, government and military. Ecrypt empowers organizations with the freedom to communicate and collaborate without risk of liability, reputation damage, competitive threat and other negative outcomes. Ecrypt is the trusted first choice for those looking to keep their communications confidential. For more information, visit

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