SOURCE: 21st Century Formulations

November 20, 2007 03:00 ET

Eczema Study Points to Skin's Protective Layer as Key Factor

Shielding Lotion a Superior Skin Care Option Says Dermatologist

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - November 20, 2007) - 21st Century Formulations, manufacturers of Skin MD Natural, applauded the Australian Eczema Society's research that suggests a defective skin barrier is the primary cause of this skin disease that plagues millions the world over. Previously it has been thought that the immune system was responsible for eczema outbreaks.

This research shows that a key factor in developing eczema is the structure of the skin barrier and the integrity of the cells' lipids and binders. These findings support Skin MD's research into how the skin heals and paves the way for better skin care treatment and management of the debilitating disorder.

Dr. Peter Helton, medical director of the Helton Skin and Laser Institute in Newport Beach, California, says shielding lotion is superior to conventional moisturizers for treating dry skin and eczema. "With a shielding lotion we get faster results and the patient has to use less medication," says Dr. Helton.

Airline pilot Rod Wilkinson has suffered from severe eczema for the past eight years. Like many other eczema sufferers, Wilkinson has invested time and money in seeing doctors and specialists, not to mention the lotions and potions that promised a 'cure.' He has been prescribed, and/or recommended, a long list of skin care products and treatments ranging from steroids to warm olive oil and orally taken oregano drops.

"I even tried a remedy off the Internet that consisted of a root extract to take orally and a cream," says Wilkinson. "The tincture tasted as bad as the oregano drops I had used earlier. I couldn't follow through with it, it just tasted too bad. I did finish using the cream, but it didn't do any good."

His is not an unusual story -- many eczema sufferers try one remedy after the other with little or no result. "If it's out there, I've tried it," says Wilkinson. "Nothing worked until I used this shielding lotion."

Wilkinson began using Skin MD Natural on his eczema in January and noticed a difference within three weeks. He began a strict routine of applications morning and evening. At first he saw improvement only at the edges; the spreading had stopped. Then the bright colors started to fade and the scabbing went away. Most impressive was that the persistent itching was gone. "That was a big relief!" says Wilkinson. "After approximately a month it was obvious that the eczema crud was on the retreat."

Wilkinson continued this treatment for almost a year and documented the improvement month to month. He is still applying Skin MD Natural every other day as insurance against a return of the eczema. "It doesn't happen overnight," says Wilkinson. "Just keep using the shielding lotion and don't give up."

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