Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc.

February 14, 2012 08:00 ET

Edgewater Wireless Leaves Competitors in the Dust

Company's Wifi Technology is More Than 50X Faster, Tolly Group Finds

OTTAWA, CANADA--(Marketwire - Feb. 14, 2012) - Edgewater Wireless Systems Inc (TSX VENTURE:YFI) is pleased to announce that the independent test of its EAP3000 family of WiFi access points achieved better than 50 times (50x) greater performance when compared with three leading carrier class access points.

The Tolly Group, an industry leader in wireless benchmark testing, compared the performance of the EAP3030, one of the EAP3000 family members, integrated with Edgewater Wireless' multi-channel, 802.11 compliant radio chipset solution, with three leading, carrier-class access points integrated with single-channel radio solutions. The tests, in deployment scenarios that reflected typical, real-world, wireless networks, were conducted in January, and the results showed that:

  • The performance of access points with single-channel radio solutions is dramatically degraded by slow speed clients on a WiFi network.
  • Access points (APs) with multi-channel radio solutions enable significant improvements in performance over those with single-channel radio solutions.
  • The Edgewater Wireless EAP3030 AP delivered up to 54x greater aggregate TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) throughput than single-channel wireless APs when supporting a mix of clients operating at various data rates.

"It was important to create tests that represented typical network deployments in order to compare the EAP3000 with other carrier class APs" said Kevin Tolly, Founder of The Tolly Group. "The multi-channel EAP3000 radio architecture was impressive, outperforming the other APs typically by 20 to 30 times, and in some cases, greater than 50 times."

Edgewater Wireless' wideband radio integrates three independent, asynchronous channels on a single radio card. Supported by over twenty patents, each radio card intelligently mitigates the interference between channels to ensure that each channel can operate across its full dynamic range in order to maximize radio channel performance.

"It is understood that the slowest device on a single-channel network dictates the speed of the network for other devices," said Andrew Skafel, President of Edgewater Wireless. "Today's APs can be compared to a single-lane road where sports cars find themselves stuck behind an old tractor. Everyone is driving at the speed of the tractor. The EAP3000 family of high-performance APs, comparatively speaking, provides multi-lane super highways enabling everyone to travel at his own speed."

The EAP3000 family of access points has been designed specifically to solve the capacity crunch created by the surging growth of smart phones and tablets.

The Tolly Report can be found on www.edgewaterwireless.com or on the Tolly Group Website at http://tolly.com/DocDetail.aspx?DocNumber=212106.

About Edgewater Wireless Systems, Inc: Edgewater Wireless develops and commercializes leading edge technologies and intellectual property for the communications market. Edgewater Wireless delivers advanced product solutions designed to meet the high-performance, high quality of service (QoS) and high-reliability needs of service providers and their customers. Leveraging over twenty (20) patents, Edgewater Wireless is redefining WiFi infrastructure with its wideband, multi-channel radio and high-capacity Access Point solutions, and delivering next generation WiFi, today. For more information, please visit www.edgewaterwireless.com.

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