SOURCE: BPA Worldwide

January 14, 2010 10:59 ET

Editorial Feature: BPA commissions white paper on Flash cookie privacy

SHELTON, CT--(Marketwire - January 14, 2010) - Global auditor of media, BPA Worldwide has commissioned a white paper by Eric Petersen, CEO/Principal Consultant at Web Analytics Demystified, who outlines the reasons for the use of Flash Local Shared Objects (LSOs) in the online marketplace and presents the risks LSOs create from a consumer awareness and privacy perspective.

The white paper, titled "The Use of Flash Objects in Visitor Tracking: Brilliant Idea or Risky Business?" points out that audience measurement is a critical aspect of any business's online efforts and is fundamental to the evolution of consumer interaction in the digital world.

In response to the decline in accuracy of audience measurement systems resulting from cookie deletion, an increasing number of site owners are turning to a less fragile system--Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO). These objects work like "super cookies," which are dramatically more resilient than cookies due to their implementation and a general lack of knowledge about their existence among consumers.

In Petersen's opinion, the use of Flash LSOs is a risky business. He notes there is strong evidence that more and more companies are using LSOs in direct conflict with consumer preferences and existing systems designed to control access to information and protect a user's privacy online. With the attention given to consumer privacy on the Internet at individual and governmental levels, Petersen believes that companies making inappropriate or irresponsible use of the Flash technology are very likely asking for trouble and potentially putting the rest of the online industry at risk of additional government regulation.

The white paper contains background details about LSOs, a case study involving them and recommendations for best practices.

To download the complete white paper free of charge, use the link found on the BPA Worldwide homepage at

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