Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

April 16, 2012 13:06 ET

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation: Greater Productivity Began With 180-Degree Turn

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 16, 2012) - To get Reflex Software to its next level, Al Muirhead and Blaine Harrison took their business on a 180-degree turn and have not looked back since 2005.

With 22 employees in the westend, Reflex had been selling custom software to businesses and municipalities for four decades. Over the years, Muirhead and Harrison adapted to changes in computer hardware, networking and the Internet. But by 2005, the business of diverse software packages had become complicated and costly.

To improve productivity, the company tried outsourcing work but that did not prove to be a success. Its subsequent 180-degree turn did away with different software solutions for their different clients' needs and would instead be one solution fits all.

Reflex invested five years and over $3 million to develop Reflex Enterprise/BPA, a master data management system to fit customers' diverse needs, making them more productive by, for example, unifying a sales department's customer management software with the programs that control production processes. As Muirhead explains, "Companies across industries operate in a similar chain of functions: sales, estimating, creating a work order, fulfilling the order, shipping, invoicing, and so on."

The result is a company that saw its productivity grow. Instead of concentrating, as in the past, on different customized software for their clientele, Reflex staff began to work on master software that could be adapted for their customers' diverse needs. Since its 2009 launch, more than 50 businesses have installed Reflex Enterprise/BPA. Reflex has been recognized for innovation and were nominees for an entrepreneur-of-the-year award from Ernst & Young and the Microsoft BlueSky Award for innovation.

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