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Enterprise Edmonton

October 01, 2014 15:00 ET

Edmonton Film Prize Awarded to Antisocial Limited

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 1, 2014) - The 2014 Edmonton Film Prize was awarded today to Edmonton Film maker Rosie Dransfeld for her documentary Antisocial Limited.

The film centres on Ojibway Chris Hoard, a streetwise ex-convict who wants to escape the abuse, the crime, the addictions, the racism, the lies.

"Abandoned and abused by those who were supposed to love him most, Ojibway Chris Hoard has spent most of his adult life behind bars. Now he's leaving that all behind. And while he's not one to reconcile his past, Chris's past soon comes to reconcile with him."

- http://antisociallimited.com

Presented at the Edmonton International Film Festival by the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) and the Edmonton Film Commission, the $10,000 prize was introduced in 2012 by the EAC, to recognize an Edmontonians' excellence in film making.

"Antisocial Limited is gritty and upfront: an observational portrait, supported by a sophisticated and accessible narrative, excellent technical execution and confident, original editing," said this year's film jury.

"As with her Gemini-winning documentary Broke, the Director is masterful in casting real-life characters and making no apology for them. The protagonist of Antisocial Unlimited is markedly open with the camera, translating into a grip on the viewer that never lets go. The film aggressively establishes a narrative arch in the opening sequences, before unfolding, tightly crafted and perfectly paced in its pay-offs. At times difficult to watch and often darkly humorous, the viewer is pulled deeply into the story of a man struggling to overcome his past. Edmonton should be proud of this courageous film by Rosie Dransfeld."

Twenty-eight films were nominated this year.

The jury included 2013 Edmonton Film Prize winner, Kyle Armstrong, 2012 co-winner, Niobe Thompson, FAVA Executive Director Dave Cunningham and Manitoba based producer Rhonda Baker.

http://antisociallimited.com/ - antisocial@idproductions.ca

Nominees' list:

2014 Edmonton Film Prize Entries
# Title Year Length Nominee
1 I Fall Down 2013 84 Min Christopher White
2 Teenage Dance 2013 2 Min 35 Sec Adam Bentley
3 Where We Stand 2014 5 Min 12 Sec Lindsay McIntyre
4 Under the Acorn Tree 2013 9 Min Justin Brunelle
5 Rock Paper Dice Entre 2014 82 Min Shreela Chakrabartty
6 Iris 2014 11 Min 2 Sec Natalee Rawat
7 Step Lightly: Edmonton Waste Management Centre 2013 29 Min 36 sec Joanne Levenick
8 This Wind 2014 8 Min Dylan Rhys Howard
9 Elements - An Artist Series "Fire" 2013 2 Min 27 Sec Kelly Wolfert
10 Middle Men: Something Russian 2014 17 Min 35 Sec Matt Marshall
11 Gurukulam 2014 108 Min Jillian Elizabeth
12 Survival of the Fabulous 2013 45 Min Connie Edwards
13 Contre - Courant (Upstream) 2014 5 Min Brandon Girard
14 A Raven's Song 2014 10 Min 37 Sec Daniel Foreman
15 Granny Baby 2013 9 Min Eva Colmers
16 Secret Setlist 2014 22 Min Jaro Malanowski
17 Dookie Squad 2014 6 Min 7 Sec Angela Palmer
18 Full Moon 2013 8 Min 13 Sec Harvey Li
19 War Child - Chapter One 2014 8 Min Norm Fassbender
20 Voila! 2014 11 Min 13 Sec Geraldine Carr
21 Antisocial Limited 2014 58 Min Rosie Dransfeld
22 Bresil - Coming Soon 2014 8 Min Carlito Ghioni
23 Headwind - Last Call 2013 93 Min Oskar Zybart
24 M is for Magnetic Tape 2013 3 Min 30 Sec Cody Kennedy
25 The Last Video Store 2013 10 Min Tim Rutherford
26 Taking Flight 2013 40 Min Theresa (Terri) Wynnyk
27 Grey Glory 2014 47 Min 30 Sec Brandy Yanchyk
28 Hybrid Moments 2014 92 Min Darryl Merpaw

*Entries are listed in no particular order.

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