SOURCE: Author Beatrice Hair

Author Beatrice Hair

October 05, 2011 17:02 ET

Educator Beatrice Hair Believes Tutoring Can Reduce Bullying

How Confident Students Can Triumph Over Bullies

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwire - Oct 5, 2011) - Most parents think of tutoring as a solution for a child with bad grades, but Beatrice Hair, who developed the Three-Legged-Table™ program, knows it's about so much more than just the grades.

"Knowledge breeds confidence," said Hair, founder of the Salisbury Tutoring Academy ( and author of "H3LT: The Hair Three-Legged-Table Solution for Education."

"The goal is to help a child realize their full potential both intellectually and personally. Showing them how to think for themselves in a way that fuels their ability to learn also boosts their self confidence, and when you have a child who is smart and filled with self-esteem, that child is capable of accomplishing anything." Hair has personal experience with that paradigm.

One of her students, William Scott, was suffering through a teenager's worst nightmare -- classes filled with failure and schoolyards filled with bullies. Scott switched schools again, and his parents enrolled him at Hair's academy for one-on-one after-school tutoring. That's when he said his life changed.

"I've suffered through many hardships in my brief sixteen years on this Earth. Some of the things I've been through many people would understand, while on the other hand I've faced things that few could comprehend. I've faced bullies at many different schools and fought cruel and perverted teachers," he wrote in his letter. "The entire time I faced these challenges, I had to deal with things on a much more personal level such as my lack of self-confidence and my learning difficulties. Luckily in this dark time of my life, I found a glimmer of light. I had found hope at a tutoring academy. I don't want to go into all of the details, but when I first entered the academy, I barely had a seventy-seven average and when I finished with Algebra 2, I had the highest class average. I'm happier now that I know I can pass difficult classes and excel in them if I just put in a little more effort into my work. I'm not really sure where I would be right now if I hadn't gone to the Salisbury Tutoring Academy, but I know for sure that it wouldn't be a good place."

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Beatrice Hair is the founder/owner of the Salisbury Tutoring Academy, the One-on-One School, which is a franchised tutoring academy for ages four-to-adult.

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