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June 18, 2013 08:00 ET

Eduplanet21 Releases Wave of New Learning Paths for June

MECHANICSBURG, PA--(Marketwired - June 18, 2013) - Eduplanet21, the Flipped Professional Development company dedicated to connecting educators & authors together in a Social Learning Network, announces the upcoming releases of several new Learning Paths in various Social Learning Institutes®.

Ranging from Professional Learning in the Digital Age, to Common Core Language and Literacy Strategies, to Upgrading Your Curriculum, Eduplanet21 is set to release the following six new Learning Paths in June 2013.

Available June 18, 2013

  • Professional Learning in the Digital Age by Kristen Swanson in the Digital Classroom Social Learning Institute. Meeting the needs of the millennials in your classroom can be a challenge that traditional approaches to professional development do not effectively address. This learning path will show you how to create dynamic personal learning opportunities that turn professional development into something that you do, not something that you get!
  • Common Core Language and Literacy Strategies for ELLs, Title I, and Struggling Readers by Eli Johnson in the Common Core Social Learning Institute. This learning path explores the importance of academic language and academic vocabulary in addressing Common Core State Standards requirements and ensuring effective learning for all students. Participants will gain a broad understanding of classroom strategies that are effective in supporting language and literacy development -- with an emphasis on the specific literacy needs of English Language Learners, low socio-economic students, and struggling readers.

Available June 30, 2013 

  • Striving Readers: Transitions Across the Literacy Continuum in the Striving Readers Social Learning Institute. Throughout the modules of this learning path, administrators and teachers will be guided through the creation of a common vision for student literacy achievement. Participants will develop a literacy transition plan to ensure student success in reading, writing, listening and speaking from Kindergarten through Grade 12, while collaborating and sharing within this dynamic social learning environment.
  • Striving Readers: Building a Content Area Literacy Path: A Book Study in the Striving Readers Social Learning Institute. This Learning Path -- focused on improving Content Area Literacy -- is an interactive and engaging book study based on Reading for Understanding, Second Edition, written by Ruth Schoenbach, Cynthia Greenleaf and Lynn Murphy of WestEd's Strategic Literacy Initiative.
  • Upgrading Your Curriculum by Curriculum21 authors Janet Hale and Mike Fisher in the Curriculum21 Social Learning Institute. Replacing outdated content, skills, and assessments with choices more relevant for digital-age students is an important step toward the creation of new, essential curriculum. This learning path addresses the foundational concepts involved in transforming current curriculum, provides authentic classroom examples, and supports your own transformational work through collaborative sharing and feedback. You will be introduced to strategies and processes that will engage your students, increase their ownership of learning, and provide them with the 21st century learning skills they need to succeed in school and in life.
  • The Globally Connected Educator by Curriculum21 author Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano in the Curriculum21 Social Learning Institute. Through a blend of authentic examples, hands-on activities, and engaging social learning experiences, this learning path will guide you through the process of modernizing and globalizing your classroom practices while expanding your professional learning network to include colleagues from around the world.

With the release of Eduplanet21's new Learning Paths comes new Social Learning Institutes®.  A Curriculum21 Social Learning Institute and Digital Classroom Social Learning Institute are both new additions to the Eduplanet21 catalog.

The Curriculum21 SLI offers an array of professional development services to help you successfully implement the Curriculum21 action steps in your school or district, while the Digital Classroom SLI provides a collaborative environment for educators to share tools & strategies for teaching & learning in an increasingly connected global & digital society.

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