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February 26, 2013 16:02 ET Simplifies Collaboration

Eduplanet21 Announces the Continued Refinement of Their Social Learning Platform, Making It Easier for You to Collaborate, Share Resources, and Join Relevant Discussions

MECHANICSBURG, PA--(Marketwire - February 26, 2013) - This ongoing process is part of Eduplanet21's constant effort to refine the platform based on how educators like yourself are using it.

Improved Navigation
When you log in, the first thing you'll notice is improved community navigation. Less redundancy, improved visibility, and fewer clicks to navigate.

Rather than multiple places to access Social Learning Institutes, there is now one, clearly marked at the top. You'll also find that joining specific Learning Paths is also simpler and more direct as well. 

My Communities
Along with the Social Learning Institute and Learning Path improvements, various widgets and general use of space have been streamlined too.

All communities you're a part of will now appear on the left sidebar, and adding Social Learning Institutes now occurs via a drop-down menu at the top. And in our most significant change of this update, you now have the ability to create breakout groups! A staple of in-person professional development for years, breakout groups are now available on Eduplanet21. 

Breakout Groups
You can now create micro groups (i.e., "multiple-choice questions") under macro topics (i.e., "assessment"). This allows for users (individuals, departments, or entire schools) to break away from the primary pages to hold more in-depth, detailed, or locally relevant meetings.

This catalog was designed to make all of the content easy to understand at a glance, reducing the amount of time it takes to select high-quality opportunities for professional development. The catalog will be updated frequently as Eduplanet21 continues to bring in new published authors, new thinking, and innovative new technology to serve you and your school or classroom's needs as education rushes forward at breakneck speed.

To take advantage of these and other improvements, flip your PD and join us on your professional development journey today!

Eduplanet21 is a software, content, and services company committed to revolutionizing learning through the use of Social Learning. Their solution effectively shortens the time needed to master learning, increases retention and improves engagement. For more information, visit: or contact:

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