December 16, 2013 07:41 ET

Effective Explosion Protection in the Bulk Goods Area: Great Potential for German Companies in Russia

NUREMBERG, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Dec 16, 2013) -

  • Huge potential for bulk goods and technologies in Russia
  • Russian government backing heavy investment in the future
  • Huge demand for German high-technology

Every day in Germany there are at least one to two dust explosions and these are only the registered ones. Although most of them have no serious consequences, safe explosion protection starts with investments in preventative protection in order to prevent the occurrence of an explosion. Russia has a great backlog demand in this area. "German companies with their technology are welcomed guests in Russia and are greatly demanded", states Bernd D. Fichtner, managing director of the international bulk goods trade fair POWX2014.

Bulk goods industry in Russia with great potential
The country richest in raw materials is Russia: globally it owns approximately
32% of the largest natural gas reserves and approximately half of all well-known coal deposits. Together with Saudi Arabia, Russia is the leading crude oil exporter and a majority of the public revenue comes from raw materials export. Russia is on it ways to modernise its economy. The basic industry, i.e. all extractive branches of industry, in Russia is making radical changes and the bulk goods industry and their technologies are playing a very unique role. "Most plants in Russia do not correspond to the high technical requirements and safety requirements. The same applies to explosion protection. German companies can experience huge profits with their know-how and technology", added Fichtner.

High potential and market access through trade fairs
Representation at trade fairs is still considered to be a help for the Russian market. Companies can achieve high visibility when it comes to decision-makers and trade fair visitors. Local planning and conditions in Russia can sometimes prove to be difficult or at least arduous in terms of western European habits. In this case, it takes experienced partners who pride themselves with many years of experience in setting up business contacts.

About POWX2014
The international specialist trade fair POWX2014, which will take place for the first time next year in Moscow, covers the enormous potential in the Russian bulk goods industry. All themes to do with the bulk goods industry will be dealt with at the POWX2014: from manufacture to processing, including possible applications and extending up to consultancy, service, storage and logistics - exhibitors will be able to find the right contacts and business contacts at the POWX2014.

An experienced trade fair team, which has been planning and successfully carrying out international specialist trade fairs in Russia for more than 25 years, is behind POWX2014. The many years of trade fair experience in Russia have enabled a large and extremely personal network, which covers all areas of commercial and public life, to develop.

Range of the POWX 2014

  • Construction materials, stone and soils
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass and ceramics
  • Chemical industry
  • Foodstuffs
  • Animal feeds
  • Environmental sector
  • Power stations
  • Plastics
  • Timber industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Metals industry

Associated subjects around bulk goods are materials handling, storage technology and filling technology (filling plant, filling safety, big bags, containers, metering equipment, barrels, IBC, silos, closure systems, weighing systems, bulk goods activation, outfeed technologies), wear protection, dosing technology, automation, instrumentation (fill level measurement, particle measuring technology, moisture measurement, quality control, sampling), separation technology (filter units, dust filters, dedusting equipment, exhaust air technology, separators, decanters, flotation, classifiers, membrane filtration, agitators, sedimentation, screens, sieves, washers, centrifuges, cyclones), mixing technology (dispersers, kneaders, mixers, stirrers), fragmentation technology (breakers, granulators, homogenisers, mills, atomisers), compacting technology (agglomerators, pelletisers, presses), explosion protection (Atex, bursting discs, explosion flaps, inertisation, structural explosion protection).

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