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April 04, 2016 09:15 ET

Effectve 8-12Hz Neural Gum Maximizes Performance During Sports

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BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - April 04, 2016) - Effectve® announced that its neural chewing gum, 8-12 Hz®, that helps athletes and gamers get "in the zone," is now available for sale on, a leading health and fitness products website.

Many of the top athletes in the world such as Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Aaron Rodgers have stated that their biggest games happen when they are "In the zone" and Effectve® has created a neural gum that helps athletes get there.

"Being in the zone in sports and games helps your body and mind achieve optimum performance, and 8-12 Hz® helps get you there," said company CEO Jon Barron. "Playing sports and games is as much mental as it is physical in certain cases, and 8-12 Hz® helps players to perform their best."

Bio-actives in the gum derived from a proprietary formula of ashwaganda and L-theanine help to get the brain "in the zone." There is no caffeine in 8-12 Hz® and, as a result, no crash. Ashwagandha is renowned as a stress reducer, mind-booster, and performance enhancer. L-theanine may help relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness and may also possess immunologic attributes according to

Training and effort are required too for amazing performance, but 812 will absolutely stimulate the production of alpha waves in the brain, and alpha waves are the frequencies most commonly associated with being in flow. The net result is that you may find it "easier" to get into the zone after chewing 812.

NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas described being "in the zone" as being two steps ahead of every player. It's almost like slow motion, he said; and it allows the player to see everything, and the total game comes together in those four or five minutes.

"We are excited to provide more people through an innovative, simple, and effective way of enhancing sports performance," said Barron.

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