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Go Fulfilment

August 31, 2011 11:00 ET

Efficient Fulfilment is Key to Customer Expectations and Relationship Management

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2011) - Go Fulfilment, provider of fulfillment solutions for businesses across the UK and Europe, is advising organisations and businesses to utilise a fulfilment house to ensure they maintain a strong relationship with its customers.

Organisations and businesses should look to class efficient fulfilment as one of its key attributes. Providing stock and products that customers may want is important, but if these products don't reach customers in time or in a suitable condition this is likely to do little to help maintain its customer base or help increase its visibility to potential customers. Products that reach customers in poor condition and packaging will not only be damaging to the product, it will also be damaging to the business's reputation.

Customers will want to receive their new products as soon as possible, and if they are made to wait a substantial period of time they're unlikely to return to the business to order products in the future. Further to this, with the continued growth in Internet use, whether for purchasing or discussions with friends through social networks, it's easy for poor reviews to circulate around a large audience with relative ease.

Brian Taylor, CEO of UK Fulfilment House Go Fulfilment, said: "Ensuring customers are kept happy should be an essential component of any business. Maintaining customer happiness is necessary to ensure customers return to the business and help promote it through word of mouth or online reviews. If customers are consistently left unhappy and don't receive order fulfilment customer numbers are likely to drop and businesses are likely to lose revenue with relative ease."

Go Fulfilment is a UK fulfilment house that provides fulfilment solutions for organisations across the UK and Europe. Go Fulfilment's dedicated staff and warehouse facilities ensure organisations using the service can meet the needs of its customers with ease. For more information, visit www.gofulfilment.com or call 0161 494 3517.

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