March 04, 2014 08:00 ET

EfficientIP Launches End-to-End Network Design and Deployment Solution

- Faster time-to-market for network designers

- Automatic deployment from design to configuration reduces human error

WEST CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA--(Marketwired - March 4, 2014) - EfficientIP, a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), today announced the launch of NetChange, a new, agile network management solution that fully integrates configuration with design to enable organizations to deploy their network infrastructure faster and error-free. By employing NetChange, organizations can eradicate unnecessary cost and downtime caused by poorly planned network changes.(1)

Using a single web-based user interface, NetChange integrates directly with EfficientIP's Device Manager solution, enabling network designers to create and visualize a network's architecture and then deploy the new network directly from the new design. NetChange has been developed in response to the growing need of large enterprises, Telco's and ISPs to rebuild and reduce the cost of sprawling networks. Internet and Telco giants, such as AT&T and Google, are examples of organizations that are revamping the networks within their data centers in order to make significant cost savings.

"Network configuration has long been considered a labor-intensive task requiring skilled, costly administrators, that is inherently vulnerable to human error," said David Williamson, CEO at EfficientIP. "Organizations of all sizes are having to review their network design due to increased demands being placed on the infrastructure by today's data-driven and mobile workforce. Network architects are increasingly demanding a more rapid and error-free way to take their infrastructure designs through to deployment, and now with NetChange we provide them with the means to do this."

NetChange is the latest development from EfficientIP and follows the release of its SOLIDserver v5.0.3 last month, which introduced an industry-first Hybrid DNS engine to counter Denial of Service attacks. It reinforces the company's fully integrated approach to managing the complete chain of network resource allocations, from IP addresses, VLAN and DNS to devices and network interfaces.


NetChange includes a series of fully integrated features, all accessible via a single user interface:

• Devices and switch discovery
• Unified and automated network device deployment
• Network data reconciliation
• Network configuration delegation
• Integrates with other leading industry IP Address Management Systems.

NetChange automates a network administrator's switch and device management responsibilities. With it, an administrator can centrally control an entire network's configuration settings. Using NetChange, organizations can increase uptime and network availability, reduce the need for skilled resources to undertake administrative tasks, avoid unexpected troubleshooting and improve capacity planning. Network managers and administrators can use NetChange to authorize, monitor and track configuration changes and, in so doing, improve security, accountability, compliance and productivity.

For further information on EfficientIP's NetChange, please visit www.efficientip.com.

About Efficient IP

EfficientIP solutions address organizations' needs to drive business efficiency through the innovative use of IT. Its unified management framework for DNS-DHCP-IPAM, devices and network configurations enhances security, availability and agility of the IT infrastructure. Its technology enables policies to be applied and business processes to be automated that reduce operating costs and increase management efficiency. EfficientIP's solutions have been chosen by hundreds of the most demanding organizations across a range of industries, from telecommunications and manufacturing to banking, non-financial services, and the public sector. Companies such as HP, Vodafone, BskyB, Leeds Metropolitan University, Bank of France and Philips use EfficientIP solutions every day. EfficientIP invented the advanced SmartArchitecture™ concept, which upgraded the management of DNS and DHCP from service level to architecture level. EfficientIP's SOLIDserver™ suite of hardware and virtual appliances deliver Hybrid DNS solutions, VLAN and IP-address management, as well as DNS and DHCP management and services. For further information, please go to: www.efficientip.com.

(1) The IT Process Institute's Visible Ops Handbook reports that "80% of unplanned outages are due to ill-planned changes made by administrators ("operations staff") or developers." (Source: IT Process Institute). A USA Today survey of 200 data center managers found that over 80% of these managers reported that their downtime costs exceeded $50,000 per hour. For over 25%, downtime costs exceeded $500,000 per hour. (Source: USA Today).

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