February 10, 2014 08:00 ET

EfficientIP Launches Industry's First Hybrid DNS Engine to Protect Online Services

- Breakthrough solution addresses DNS server vulnerabilities

- Three DNS engines in one appliance

- Organizations now able to out-maneuver DoS attacks

WEST CHESTER, PA--(Marketwired - Feb. 10, 2014) - EfficientIP, a leading developer of DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services, VLAN and IP-address management), today announced the launch of the industry's first hybrid DNS engine in response to the growing number, and increasing ferocity, of DNS cyber attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS) and cache poisoning.

Whereas most DNS servers run a single DNS engine, such as ISC's BIND, EfficientIP's SOLIDServer Hybrid DNS Engine (HDE) combines three DNS engines, managed in a single appliance. This innovative approach provides greater protection to large enterprises, operators and ISPs as it eliminates single point of failure following security alerts, creates a highly complex security footprint and enables DNS engines to be switched to allow for patching while another DNS engine takes over to protect service availability.

"The high-profile breaches making the headlines over the past year show just how damaging a DNS attack can be to an organization's reputation, revenues and data security responsibilities," said David Williamson, CEO at EfficientIP. "As DNS threats continue to evolve, new strategies for defense are needed. Traditional approaches are not enough to mitigate today's risks. Having an active DNS engine, plus at least one alternative ready for use, significantly reduces the risk of attack, while reducing management complexity for administrators. It's a really smart way to out-maneuver hackers who'll never be sure which name server software is running, so will find trying to compromise it a daunting, complex and virtually impossible task."

DNS servers play a central role in managing user access to websites, email and other web applications, translating between IP address numbers and domain names. However, cyber criminals can abuse and manipulate the DNS causing either a massive network jam or misdirected Internet traffic - both of which can result in major Internet service disruption or outages.

Due to the popularity of certain name server engines and their known code vulnerabilities, it is considered best practice that network owners maintain, and be ready to switch between, at least two different name server software products. EfficientIP's Hybrid DNS Engine does this by incorporating the BIND name server software and two other DNS technologies - Unbound and NSD from NLnet Labs. Unbound is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver designed for high performance. NSD is an authoritative-only, high-performance name server that offers a more robust environment for defending against a DoS attack. Separating the authoritative and recursive elements of the name server engine significantly reduces the risk of corruption.

Large-scale attacks on DNS servers have significantly increased over the last year with the nature of the threats growing in scale and intensity. With new techniques such as DNS amplification and reflection there has also been a massive increase in the volume of traffic being used to target systems. A hybrid approach to DNS security enables organizations to strengthen the weakest elements of their Internet infrastructure.

"Organizations should invest in protecting their DNS infrastructure," noted Lawrence Orans, Research Vice President, Gartner in the recent report 'Leverage Your Network Design to Mitigate DDoS Attacks'*. "A secure DNS infrastructure is necessary to mitigate the impact of query load attacks and other attacks against authoritative DNS name servers."

For further information on EfficientIP's SolidServer Hybrid DNS Engine, please visit www.efficientip.com.

* Leverage Your Network Design to Mitigate DDoS Attacks, Lawrence Orans, 17 July 2013, Report ID:G00253330

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EfficientIP solutions address organizations' needs to drive business efficiency through the innovative use of IT. Its unified management framework for DNS-DHCP-IPAM, devices and network configurations enhances security, availability and agility of the IT infrastructure. Its technology enables policies to be applied and business processes to be automated that reduce operating costs and increase management efficiency. EfficientIP's solutions have been chosen by hundreds of the most demanding organizations across a range of industries, from telecommunications and manufacturing to banking, non-financial services, and the public sector. Companies such as HP, Vodafone, BskyB, Leeds Metropolitan University, Bank of France and Philips use EfficientIP solutions every day. EfficientIP invented the advanced SmartArchitecture™ concept, which upgraded the management of DNS and DHCP from service level to architecture level. EfficientIP's SOLIDserver™ suite of hardware and virtual appliances deliver Hybrid DNS solutions, VLAN and IP-address management, as well as DNS and DHCP management and services. For further information, please go to: www.efficientip.com.

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