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May 22, 2012 09:15 ET

Eggsurance Launches Independent Community and Educational Website Devoted to Everything Egg Freezing

For the First Time, Women Can Find No-Nonsense Egg Freezing Information and Support Network in One Place

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - May 22, 2012) - Eggsurance, the first independent, non-clinic related education and community website devoted to everything egg freezing, today announced the official launch of its community hub, support network and clinic rating service, which empower women to take control of their fertility choices and options for building a family.

"Eggsurance's mission is to educate and empower women to take control of their reproductive future," said Eggsurance CEO & Founder Brigitte Adams. "We have created a safe and welcoming community for women exploring or going through the egg freezing process to connect and share their personal experiences, find or review fertility clinics and gain knowledge to make informed decisions."

New Advances in Egg Vitrification Technology

Today, an unprecedented number of women in the United States -- 20 percent -- are waiting to have their first child until after they are 35 years of age [1]. Such delays leave women vulnerable to an age-related decrease in eggs. Roughly one-third of women aged 35-39 have fertility problems [2], and that proportion skyrockets to 64 percent when women are 40-44 years old [3]. By 45 years of age, the likelihood of having a baby plummets to 1 percent [4].

For women who want to have a biological baby past the age of 35, egg freezing is the most viable option. Advances in egg freezing enable higher levels of egg preservation than ever before. Egg vitrification, the flash freezing of eggs, keeps delicate eggs intact for future implantation, greatly reducing the failure rate associated with older, slow-freezing technologies. By freezing their eggs at a younger age, today's women can have newfound confidence in their fertility when the time comes to have a child.

"Women freeze their eggs for many different reasons, from career progression to chemotherapy," said Adams. "However, the one common bond they all share is the desire to have children in the future. Although not a guarantee, egg freezing is analogous to an insurance policy for the possibility of becoming a mother someday."

Taking Control of Fertility

With egg freezing technology holding more promise than ever before, many in the medical field believe that oocyte cryopreservation will significantly impact women's lives like the birth control pill did in the 1960s. As the definition of motherhood continues to evolve, women can turn to Eggsurance to help them make the right decisions. Armed with the right information, women can find the clinics and technologies they need, creating an insurance policy for success when the time to get pregnant finally arrives.

"Eggsurance is a dynamic community for proactive women who want to ensure they have the option of having children when they are ready," said Dr. Jamie Grifo, MD, PhD. "As the number of women seeking egg freezing technology continues to grow, the newly-launched Eggsurance website is a wonderful source for everything egg freezing. Happily, the NYU Fertility Center will be collaborating with Eggsurance in the future."

With Eggsurance, proactive women can become educated about the possibility of becoming mothers someday -- just not right now.

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