SOURCE: Author Marek Nowina

Author Marek Nowina

September 22, 2009 06:51 ET

Egotistical, Baby-Boomer Stoner Fails Miserably in Search for Self in New Novel

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - September 22, 2009) - Slipping in and out of reality and fantasy, possibilities and dead ends, Marek Nowina's debut novel, "A Field in Arlon," published by AuthorHouse, is the pained cry of a desperately unhappy and lost soul; a man who might have everything but believes he has nothing; a man who, in his search for gratification and peace of mind, stands to lose all.

The author says of his novel, "...with regard to the drug culture, Amsterdam, prostitution, sexual frustration, or simply the search for inclusion and the need to stand out for having achieved something (or anything), 'A Field in Arlon' is a book that highlights human weaknesses."

For the past 30 years, Melly Cheval has slouched through life in a marijuana haze. He never seized the initiative in the Sixties' counterculture revolution; it rather passed him by. He found himself merely an observer, never a participant. Through the years, he became ever more desperate to emerge; to become a full player; to achieve the status of hero. Melly was suffering a mid-life crisis.

A trip to Amsterdam to view a solar eclipse fills Melly with the impetus to make sense of his pathetic life, marking both closure and new beginning. The means: he will write a fantasy about everything he wishes he could be. Initially giving voice to well-rehearsed frustrations, these scribbles soon break free from a rehash of the past by embracing a new-found obsession that will expose all his weaknesses. Her name is Talish Thorensen, a crack addict and hooker.

Wrong-footed from the outset, Melly engages all around him, including Talish, in a pitifully egotistical search for approval. What was meant to be an affirmation turns into rejection, first of himself, then of Talish. His futile search for "sex with affection" casts him as a mere pawn in his own life. As an observer, Melly is hapless. As a participant, he is rejected. As a hero, he is found wanting.

About the author:

Marek Nowina, born of Polish refugees in England, was educated at the University of London and now lives and works in Massachusetts. He has worked as a producer and promoter with drama groups and musicians on both sides of the Atlantic. "A Field in Arlon" is his first published novel.

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