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March 09, 2010 08:30 ET

eHydrogen Solutions Releases Investor Guidance on Business Objectives; Leverages $2,000,000 Acquisition to Add 1 Billion Customers Market Potential

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - March 9, 2010) -  eHydrogen Solutions, Inc. (eHS) (PINKSHEETS: EHYD) announced today its enhanced and expanded business strategy and market objectives. The initiatives center around the recently announced $2,000,000 acquisition of Intellectual Property (IP) and core On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies. In addition to its existing electrolysis technologies, the Company now possesses new leading edge ODHP technologies, enabling real-time hydrogen production utilizing a combination of reactive metals, nanotechnology and plasma reformation. The acquisition creates new market potential of more than a billion customers.

The Company's ODHP technologies, together with the Company's recently announced advancement in hydrogen production levels, has expanded the development focus to include heating, power production, fuel cell applications, advanced battery storage technologies, Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (HICE) and a number of other advanced Distributed Power solutions; all requiring advanced hydrogen production as their zero emissions power source.

The Company develops and licenses several technologies and power systems founded on its core IP holdings. Based on current market demand, the developmental focus will be directed to the following markets:

  1. ODHP to provide hydrogen to fuel Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (HICE):
    1. Home Combined Heating and Power (CHP) - 111,100,000 US Households
    2. Motorcycles - US Market 12,000,000
    3. Passenger vehicles - 667,778,000 existing Market
    4. Fork lifts, golf carts - US Market 5,000,000
  2. ODHP to provide hydrogen required in Fuel Cell applications:
    1. Passenger Cars - 667,778,000 -
    2. Combined Heating and Power for;
      1. Home Use - 232,000,000 Market 
      2.  Industrial Use Total Market - 1,790,000 Market
  3. Hydrogen Combustion Enhancement Systems for fuel and emission reductions for:
    1. Trucks, Total Market (on- and off-road, combined) - 35,400,000 vehicles
    2. Commercial Vehicles (Light Trucks) - 178,933,000 vehicles worldwide
    3. Light Vehicles - Total Market - 667,778,000 worldwide
    4. Stationary Power Generation - Total Market - 3,525,000
    5. Natural Gas Home Heating Total World Market - 232,000,000
    6. Commercial Marine Vessels Total Market - 250,000 Market

The convergence of utility restructuring, technology advances, public environmental policy and an expanding energy market provides revenue opportunity for Distributed Power Generation. The Company believes this emerging sector promises to become a significant and vital energy option primed for strong sales growth created by the company's holdings and technologies.

The Company will make further announcements on the progress of each of these new initiatives and as the various core technologies are integrated into its development and partnership programs.

About eHydrogen Solutions

eHydrogen Solutions (eHs) specializes in the development of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies designed to produce hydrogen in the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible for integration in to a number of clean energy solutions. In addition to providing an "on demand" hydrogen source for aftermarket hydrogen enhancement applications that increases the efficiency of virtually any combustion process, eHs scope of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies enables the integration with fuel cell applications, advanced battery technologies and Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (HICE).

eHs' proprietary ODHP technologies is available today to qualified partners in a wide variety of vertical and/or geographic markets worldwide, through joint development/ adaptation, distribution and production agreements.


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