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June 14, 2010 16:15 ET

eHydrogen Solutions Reports $3,600,000 Income and Increases Asset Valuations Upon Completion of Phase I of Joint Development Agreement

RENO, NV--(Marketwire - June 14, 2010) -  (PINKSHEETS: EHYD) eHydrogen Solutions, Inc. (eHS) reports $3.6 million income earned today upon the completion of the Development phase of the Joint Development Agreement for the US Home Heating and Power Market.

The Joint Development Agreement signed in February 2010 initially called for product development and adaptation for the home heating retrofit market in the US, with options for additional distribution areas.

Based on results achieved in efficient on-demand hydrogen production to a level that could both heat a standard home and generate a portion of electrical energy to meet domestic needs, the agreement was amended in March to include both the US Home Heating retrofit market and the US Home Power market, bringing the total market to excess of $30 billion.

The parties will immediately commence the next phase of the Agreement and further updates will be provided as to the demonstration, production and market analysis strategies.

The Company recently announced Intellectual Property (IP) Transfer Agreements totaled over $6.7 million, which include advanced Photoelectrolysis, artificial Photosynthesis and reactive metal technologies to eHs' core ODHP technologies. These technologies, particularly its H-Solaris and H2-Reactor Distributed Energy projects, have increased the volume of on-site hydrogen to levels sufficient to meet the fuelling requirements of Combined Heat & Power systems and wide range, Distributed Powers solutions.

The H-Solaris and H2-Reactor technologies, when integrated into a sophisticated Distributed Power network, can provide and store sufficient energy to heat and power a home economically on-site, at little cost, with no outside power source and does not need to be transported, resulting in a 'perfect' clean, and sustainable Distributed Energy source.

The Company believes Distributed Power Generation, for both residential and commercial use (both for Combined Heat & Power and as a Hydrogen source for fuel cell vehicles and power generation), is an emerging growth sector promising to become a significant and vital energy option primed for strong sales growth of the company's holdings and technologies.

The Company's recent IP asset acquisitions and developmental progress of key On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies have enabled the company to expand its operations to the critical Technology Development & Demonstration phase of the Innovative Cycle, which includes Prototype, Demonstration and Market Analysis. The Company has assembled experienced cross-functional teams to guide each innovation acquisition, technological adaptation and system integration through the required steps to successful commercialization.

The Company encourages collaborative development of its core ODHP technologies through its Collaboration Opportunities portal on its recently updated website @

The Company believes its acquisition and growth-oriented business plan will provide stockholders with consistent equity growth and access to the multi-billion dollar alternative energy industry through its licensing and distribution of hydrogen-powered energy systems and solutions.

About eHydrogen Solutions

eHydrogen Solutions (eHs) specializes in the development of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies designed to produce hydrogen in the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner possible for integration in to a number of clean energy Distributed Power solutions. In addition to providing "on demand" hydrogen technologies for aftermarket hydrogen enhancement applications that increases the efficiency of virtually any combustion process, eHs' portfolio of On Demand Hydrogen Production (ODHP) technologies enables the integration with fuel cell applications, advanced battery technologies, Combined Power & Heating systems, Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (HICE) and other energy efficient and environmentally friendly power generating devices.

eHs' proprietary ODHP technologies are available to qualified partners in a wide variety of vertical and/or geographic markets worldwide, through joint development/adaptation, distribution and production agreements.


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