July 11, 2007 08:00 ET

Eight Year Old Surgeons?

HILLIARD, OH--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - Eight and nine year old kids across the country are performing knee surgery daily, thanks to a highly interactive, on-line program. Young people (and adults as well) make decisions about and take part in a virtual version of total knee replacement, total hip replacement or hip resurfacing surgery. These fun, educational and innovative activities, developed by Edheads, a non-profit educational web development company based in Hilliard, Ohio, are available at

"We wanted to create a fun and interactive way to learn anatomy, explore careers and learn how the real world works," explained Gail Wheatley, Executive Director of Edheads. "The surgery sites are VERY accurate. The surgeons who were consultants for the sites just wouldn't let us have aliens exploding out of chests or body parts that screamed!" she said. Patients, care givers and high school anatomy students all enjoy the site and regularly email the sites' creators. "I got an email from a 2nd grader who wants to be a 'sergon' when she grows up," said Eric Bort, Edheads' Creative Director. "She also sent about 100 smiley faces with the email, so you just know the site is doing a great job of motivating kids when you get a response like that!" he added.

If surgery is not the career of choice, visitors to the Edheads site can predict the weather or explore simple machines in a robot's house, just two of a number of interactive online Edheads activities that children and families can engage in over the summer to keep learning AND having fun, Wheatley said.

Edheads specializes in hard to teach and hard to understand topics, and all activities meet state and national education standards. This allows parents to help their kids pass standardized testing in a way that is fun for both. Funds come from corporate and foundation funding agencies. The resulting interactive, educational games are free to anyone with internet access.

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