EightSix Network Inc.

EightSix Network Inc.

September 13, 2010 12:00 ET

EightSix Network Inc.: Vancouver Start-Up Transforming Hospitality Hiring

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Sept. 13, 2010) - Internet start-up EightSix Network Inc. ("the Company" or "EightSix"), which launched on June 30th, 2010, plans to redefine how the hospitality industry in BC manages its employment needs – without the traditional resume. Justin McAleenan asks: "In the era of online social media, why are we still using the same old resume format that we were using a hundred years ago?" Recognizing the specific needs of the hospitality industry, brothers Justin and Andrew McAleenan co-founded EightSix with the goal of creating British Columbia's first hospitality employment network: a place where job seekers and employers can come together and connect within the industry. 

Fundamental to this "network" is what the founders consider the evolution of the resume, the EightSix 'Sketch'. EightSix designed the Sketch to allow employers to get a much greater 'feel' for the applicant compared with that from the traditional one-dimensional resume. "The job seeker comes across as a real, live person instead of a group of facts on a piece of paper. Job seekers can much more effectively convey to employers who they are through their Sketch application than they can through a resume and cover letter as they are very comfortable with social media," continues Andrew McAleenan. The Sketch is also designed to make it easy for employers to manage their applications. "Think of clicking through your friends' Facebook profiles; that's how easy it is for employers to evaluate potential employees using EightSix," say the brothers. "The traditional resume is cumbersome, it's inefficient and it's costly in terms of time and resources. Our Sketch is the antithesis of this."

The Company has a large and rapidly growing database of job seeker Sketches – already numbering in the thousands – and has partnered with some of the top brands in the hospitality industry. EightSix plans to continue to develop and expand its innovative services for the industry and the formula appears to be working: Jane Frohlick, HR Manager with Glowbal Restaurant Group, calls EightSix, "An innovative, simple to use, efficient, time saving and effective way to recruit," while Dave Whitworth, general manager of Joey Restaurant's new Burnaby location, proclaims that, "[EightSix] is, without a doubt, a leading edge and pioneering job site that is quickly becoming THE way to staff restaurants!"

About EightSix

EightSix is an employment website for the hospitality industry in British Columbia that launched on June 30th, 2010. 86network.com is a resource for job postings, employment information, news, advertisements and events of interest to those in the industry and was created with the goal of streamlining hospitality hiring practices.

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