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January 26, 2012 21:27 ET

E.Kanoo Team Sets New Supra Records on Way to Final Round in Bahrain

Bahrain Based Drag Team Sets New Bests at Bahrain International Circuit

BAHRAIN--(Marketwire - Jan 26, 2012) - Although the final round was postponed until the Bahrain Drag Racing Championship Round 5, the E.Kanoo Racing Team was proud of its result at Round 4, January 18-20 at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, posting a 7.27 second elapsed time and 6.41 second elapsed time with their Supras. The E.Kanoo Racing team field two Toyota Supra based drag race vehicles in the BDRC Outlaw 6 Cylinder class. Although they are both branded Toyota Supras and the two vehicles share identical paint schemes, they are actually quite different beyond that.

The 10.5 Supra uses 10.5 inch wide slicks and is driven by American, Gary White. This car was purpose built for racing by Titan Motorsports in the United States. Each piece of the car has been engineered specifically for racing. It uses a Turbocharged and Methanol fueled engine which is a modified version of the factory Supra power plant. Full electronic control of the engine and drivetrain take place via MoTeC Electronics which were put in place and programmed by MoTeC Tuner Shane Tecklenburg of the United States. It features a computer controlled gearbox that is shifted either by paddle shift or automatically by the control units and a clutch activated by the driver's foot on the start line. Tecklenburg, along with American, Eric Luzinski does the engineering on the car at the strip.

The other Supra in the E.Kanoo Racing stable uses factory suspension including the independent rear suspension which the Supra was manufactured with. The team has reengineered the suspension to optimize it for drag racing and has made several changes to the car including the addition of MoTeC Electronics again programmed by MoTeC Tuner Tecklenburg. The modified Supra engine also uses a Turbocharger and C16 racing formulated gasoline as well as Nitrous Oxide for power. A racing style gearbox is driven by a torque converter and shifting is controlled by the electronic control units. This car uses a smaller rear tire and weighs 2970 lbs which is nearly 300 pounds more weight than its 10.5 big brother. Tecklenburg along with E.Kanoo Racing team car chief Haider Koohzad of Muharraq, Bahrain, does the engineering on the car at the strip, while Koohzad maintains both vehicles between race events.

Open practice for the event began on Wednesday the 18th. The team used the practice to test setups with their "10.5" Supra, which is the quicker of the two E.Kanoo Racing vehicles.

Qualifying on Thursday saw the team secure pole position with driver Gary White in the 10.5 Supra at 6.50 seconds and 207 miles per hour, while team principal and owner Ebrahim Kanoo, of Manama, Bahrain, was second on the grid with a record 7.27 second pass from his stock suspension Supra at 194 miles per hour. Video of the 7.27 second run is available on YouTube at

Eliminations opened with Gary White making a solo pass while his opponent was unable to make the call due to breakage. Meanwhile Kanoo, suffered a loss when his vehicle's transbrake, a device used to hold the car on the start line while the engine is revved before launch, failed and he fouled out of competition by leaving the line before the start tree was activated.

Elimination Round Two again saw the team receive a free pass to the final elimination round when yet another failure to appear was turned in by their opponent. The team decided to run their car hard in preparation for the final round despite their guaranteed advancement and it was with good results. The car made the quickest pass ever for a Supra bodied vehicle eclipsing the teams own 6.46 second record during Round 3 with a 6.414 elapsed time at 211 miles per hour. A YouTube video of the pass is available at

Unfortunately for the team and the other competitors at Round 4, the final elimination round was ultimately postponed until Round 5 qualifying due to excessive oil cleanup one class prior to the Final elimination race for E.Kanoo Racing.

Shane Tecklenburg provides engineering and media relations consulting to the E.Kanoo Racing team via his company ST Consulting.

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