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November 09, 2006 11:27 ET

Election Day May Be Over, But Consumers Can Still Vote With Their Dime

The Launch of GreenDimes Offers Social Consciousness With a Twist

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 9, 2006 -- Ewire -- "Do you give a dime?!" That's what founder Pankaj Shah of GreenDimes, the newly launched consumer lifestyle company focusing on social responsibility and planet do-gooding wants to know. GreenDimes, a membership driven organization connecting like minds with a variety of programs intended to help people while helping the planet, officially kicks off with the "Stop Paper Junk Mail" initiative. The service is aimed at eliminating paper junk mail and reducing the amount of environmental damage it causes -- all for a dime a day.

As part of the "Stop Paper Junk Mail" initiative, GreenDimes will relentlessly work to remove members from databases of major direct marketing companies and bring an end to most of the paper mail typically received each day. GreenDimes instructs these companies not to sell, share or trade personal information and checks up on them regularly to ensure members stay off of lists.

Simple and cost effective, GreenDimes offers three types of memberships: Seedling, $3 per month plus credit card fees; Sapling, $36 per year; and Tree, a lifetime association for $360. Membership does have its privileges. Not only does the inaugural program help save trees, each month GreenDimes plants a tree for every member in an effort to grow forests and help slow down global warming. As well, their reforestation partners work in the local communities around the world to keep people productive on their lands, preserving their traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations to come.

"We feel the way to have positive and measurable impact on the planet is to empower the individual," says Pankaj Shah, Founder and CEO of GreenDimes. "I started GreenDimes because I passionately believe we can simultaneously improve our lives and the planet by doing little things. It takes 100 million trees and 280 billion gallons of water to produce our country's junk mail each year. In reality, people have typically not opted in to the vast majority of junk mail, but now they have a way to opt out. This is a chance for all of us to start making a big difference."

In perfect time for the holidays... Give the gift of a dime-a-day and help drive deforestation and water waste away with Members can purchase "green" gifts through the New Year: "Sapling," or "Lifetime" memberships that offer the recipient the same program benefits as the sender. All recipients will receive email notification that they have been sent a holiday gift. As soon as they click accept, the wheels are set in motion to eliminate their junk mail and trees are planted in their name.

Throughout the year will introduce other beneficial, good-for-the-planet programs enabling members to actively participate all for a dime a day.

About GreenDimes

GreenDimes is a consumer lifestyle company focusing on helping members to do little things that will collectively make a big difference on the environment. GreenDimes was born when founder and CEO Pankaj Shah, of wireless, broadband and mobile technologies fame, briefly retired after several successful companies. He quickly became acquainted with the mountainous amount of unwanted junk mail that filled his home mailbox on a daily basis. In the meantime, he was toying with the idea that social good and capitalism could indeed coexist. This became the perfect opportunity to find out.

GreenDimes is set to start an environmental evolution -- one dime at a time.

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