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September 14, 2005 09:00 ET

Electric Cloud Makes Incremental Software Builds Trustworthy With New Version of Leading Build Accelerator

eDepend, First Automated Dependency Management Tool, Ensures More Accurate and Faster Incremental Software Builds

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 14, 2005 -- Electric Cloud, the software build infrastructure company, today enhanced its build acceleration platform with a new automated dependency tool, eDepend, that for the first time makes incremental software builds 100% trustworthy. A breakthrough in software development, Electric Cloud 2.3 featuring eDepend eliminates build errors resulting from missing dependencies. For the first time, developers can confidently run incremental builds, enabling more agile development with frequent builds of executable code.

Software developers know that the fastest way to compile their work is an incremental build. Unfortunately, they also know that incremental builds can't always be trusted to be correct. Rather than regenerating each of potentially thousands of components in the full application, developers prefer "incremental builds," where the only components regenerated are those that were impacted by their changes. Incremental builds require accurate "dependency" information: if one component is changed, the dependency information indicates which other components must be regenerated because they depend on information in the modified component.

Historically, developers have been forced to track dependencies manually, a time-consuming and error-prone task, or used freeware tools, which do not gather complete dependency information. As a result, incremental builds are often unreliable, failing to regenerate all the components impacted by a change. Developers must then choose between wasting time waiting for a full build, or "taking their chances" on an incremental build that could misbehave in confusing and time-consuming ways.

Electric Cloud's eDepend is the first tool to capture complete dependency information automatically and efficiently, with no human intervention. As a result, Electric Cloud provides accurate and reliable incremental builds and eliminates the need for frequent full builds for small changes. With Electric Cloud developers can now trust an incremental build to recompile correctly -- every time.

"We have helped companies across a broad spectrum of industries eliminate the build bottleneck due to full software builds. With Electric Cloud 2.3 we are now optimizing the incremental build process for every developer," said Mike Maciag, Electric Cloud CEO. "Our customers benefit from technology that helps them achieve faster time to market and improved quality in their products via faster and more agile development."

eDepend is part of the Electric Cloud software build solution that is helping customers like Intuit, Qualcomm, and Force 10 Networks to speed their build times, increase productivity, and enable greater build frequency.

Electric Cloud 2.3 is for medium-to-large software development teams that want to speed the software development process. Electric Cloud 2.3 accelerates builds by as much 20 times by distributing software builds in parallel across scalable clusters of inexpensive servers.

Also new with the 2.3 release are enhancements to the Electric Cloud platform that improve build scalability and visibility for engineers and release teams:

--  Electric Cloud Cluster Manager, a Web server that deploys and reports
    on builds, can now scale to several hundred build agents running dozens of
    simultaneous builds without affecting build performance
--  Electric Cloud 2.3 also includes tools for greater visibility into the
    inputs and outputs of the build process, including automated build log
    capture and cluster utilization reports
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