SOURCE: Electric Moto Corp., Inc.

April 16, 2008 10:30 ET

Electric Moto Corp. Prepares to Ship First Blade XT Demo Bikes to European Distributors

ASHLAND, OR--(Marketwire - April 16, 2008) - Electric Moto Corp., Inc. (PINKSHEETS: EMOT), a U.S.-based designer, manufacturer and retailer of highly efficient electric battery-powered motorcycles, scooters and ATVs, is pleased to announce the that the company is now preparing to begin delivering its first shipment of its eagerly awaited Blade XT demonstration motorcycles to its European distributors.

Electric Moto Corp.'s authorized distributors, GoBlade in the UK, Freeride in France and EMX in Austria, have all indicated very high interest levels in the company's cutting-edge electric-powered off-road bikes. All three distributors have been actively fielding customer enquiries for over 2 years since the ambitious development plans for the Blade XT line was officially announced at the International Motorcycle Show in Milan. Once these first demo bikes arrive, Electric Moto's distributors anticipate an overwhelming demand from the off-road and motorcycle press, looking for test rides and the opportunity to see how the new Blade XT compares to the Blade T6, which had received rave reviews.

"We're really excited about being able to finally show the bike and expect huge media and buyer interest from a range of markets. We've done several test marketing campaigns over the past two years that have helped to shape the development of the bike so that it appeals to a range of users. We're confident that Electric Moto has achieved its goal of producing an electric dual-purpose bike that is green, silent, fun to ride, fast on the track or street and is also amazingly economical. All of these factors should drive huge sales of these bikes. I believe that the Blade XT line will be a phenomenal success here in the UK and across Europe where noise from off-road bikes has become a major environmental issue," says Stuart Rutter of GoBlade Ltd, Electric Moto Corp., Inc.'s authorized distributor in the UK.

Electric Moto Corp. and its distributors have conducted several test marketing campaigns over the past two years. The results of these campaigns and the feedback they have received from the press and different user groups have helped to shape the development of the Blade XT.

"Building on our years of industry experience, the success of our earlier Blade lines and the massive amount of interest we are already receiving from the press, professional riders, government agencies, everyday riders and weekend off-roaders, we have every reason to believe that our Blade XT line of bikes will be a huge hit, propelling Electric Moto Corp. solidly onto the world stage. You can't turn on the television or open a newspaper today without hearing about the effects of global warming, the shortage of crude oil, skyrocketing gas prices and the need for alternative fuel vehicles. All of this makes now the absolute perfect time for Electric Moto to introduce its Blade XT line of bikes. Our bikes offer economical, practical alternatives to traditional gas-powered motorcycles. They are powered by the latest long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, which makes them great for commuters, police forces, the military and recreational users that demand the highest quality, durability and dependability is a zero emissions bike," adds Ely Schless, CEO of Electric Moto Corp., Inc.

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