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November 15, 2012 09:01 ET

Electric Vehicles Provide Emergency Power to Reduce Damages From Hurricanes and Other Disasters

DETROIT, MI--(Marketwire - Nov 15, 2012) - Can electric vehicles play a key role in reducing damages from super storms like Hurricane Sandy? In the wake of the worst hurricane to hit the New York area in decades, VIA Motors, the world's first manufacturer of extended range electric pick up trucks, announced today that its new electric trucks are equipped with a Power Export option that can provide enough electricity to power a home in an emergency, including sump pumps, power tools, lights, stoves, heaters, computers, and other equipment needed to keep buildings running and homes and families safe.

VIA's electrified pick up trucks, vans and SUVs operate similarly to the Chevy Volt and are equipped with a gas-electric generator to extend electric driving beyond battery range. The same generator that recharges the batteries while driving, also powers the 110V and 220V outlets installed in a port on the side of the truck. One of the country's largest electric utility companies, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), has been testing the new electric trucks from VIA in its fleet in California. In response to Hurricane Sandy, PG&E has sent several hundred of its own utility service vehicles to east coast utilities to assist in the massive repair process.

"We were the first to implement this new technology," said David Meisel, Director of Transportation for PG&E. "Not only does the extended range electric work truck reduce emissions and provide huge savings in fuel, but it can also provide emergency power to help prevent outages and speed repairs for large utilities like PG&E," added Meisel. 

Alan Perriton, President of VIA Motors, adds, "VIA's Power Export technology would be very helpful in disasters like Hurricane Sandy." "Energy security is not only important for the nation, but a family with an electric truck from VIA, can be better prepared for what ever may come, while freeing themselves from concerns about gas prices," Perriton concluded. 

In addition, VIA is working with the Department of Defense to test a bi-directional connection to the grid, to provide emergency power to protect vital base operations and reduce energy costs. Since the electric grid was invented, there hasn't been a cost effective way to store large amounts of electricity needed for emergencies or to avoid blackouts. Some experts believe that in the future, electric vehicle batteries may offer the grid something in return, a huge amount of emergency power when needed, as a practical bi-directional connection strategy emerges.

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