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January 19, 2011 00:00 ET

Electronic Cigarette Expert Stumbled Into Fame, Beach Marketing Reports

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - January 19, 2011) - Beach Marketing, Inc. reports on recent online marketing trends. The company has recently noticed the demand for electronic cigarette experts is growing as consumers look for answers and information about electronic cigarettes.

"Some people don't change and are set in their ways. Others change with the times, and seek out information in an effort to become the most reliable contact on a piece of information. When I first heard about electronic cigarettes and could not find a reliable source of news and reviews, I set out to be that person who could provide information to the masses and be the 'guinea pig' for the industry," said Andy Gray, who operates the most in-depth and up-to-date website that discusses all things having to do with electronic cigarettes.

Sitting around a dark office while on a consulting assignment in 2009, Gray became disgusted with the scene of the office he worked from, noticing stale cigarette butts in the middle of a conference room table and smelling the second hand smoke from an employee who had earned the right to smoke in his office 'if the door was closed and the window was open.' "I had to get away from the smell of cigarettes. The lingering odor, the smell on my hands, and the constant search for a lighter -- it all overwhelmed me one day and I knew that the time had come to look for information to alternatives."

Gray took to the web, a place he is quite familiar with. Having consulted start-ups to Fortune 500 companies "and every sort of business in between" on how to maximize the potential of their websites, he felt there had to be someone out there who could tell him all about the latest thing he had heard about as an alternative to smoking -- electronic cigarettes. To his amazement, there wasn't an established portal or website that answered his questions with any detail. His calls for information went unreturned, and his quest for information went ignored. Right then and there, he decided it was time to change that. 

"I ordered a few kits online and posted some reviews of electronic cigarettes," stated Gray. "People started leaving comments on my blog and I became active in answering them. It's fun, and at the same time if I help people, I feel great about the time I put into the blog," concluded Gray, who admitted, "I wanted to be helpful and answer every single person who posts on the site, but I never thought of putting this much time into this."

As his website shot up in traffic, e-cigarette companies took notice and started sending him their e-cigarette devices for reviews, in hopes of enticing the expert and voice of the industry. "I'll review any device, but no amount of money buys my opinion. I am glad to accept advertisements to make the blog worthwhile, but the main thing I like to point out is that not a single e-cigarette expert updates their site or interacts with people with the same passion I do." 

Gray receives over 100 comments and questions per day out of the thousands of website visitors. His views, comments, and quotes appear in many mainstream media outlets on a regular basis. "There is not one single person in the electronic cigarette industry with the voice that Andy Gray has," added Lina Velez, who contributed to the report by Beach Marketing. "Andy Gray is always blogging about the news before the media reports it."

Gray can be reached by email or by commenting on his popular best electronic cigarette review site

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