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November 29, 2010 13:19 ET

Electronic Cigarettes Getting More and More Popular... Especially Among Celebrities

Katherine Heigl and Other Celebrities Claim to Have Finally Quit Smoking by Using This Remarkable New Device

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 29, 2010) - The Electronic Cigarette has gained international attention by the media and healthcare professionals, even being featured on media outlets and talk shows such as CBS, NBC, and CNN. But now it seems celebrities are making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

The latest celebrity to talk on the benefits of the electronic cigarette is actress Katherine Heigl, the star of "Knocked Up," "Life As We Know It" and "Grey's Anatomy." Heigl recently appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" and touted the benefits of eco-friendly electronic cigarettes. During her interview, the conversation turned to smoking and Heigl surprised Letterman by pulling out her electronic cigarette and smoking it on stage.

While on the Letterman show, Heigl discussed her addiction to cigarettes and she spoke of the difficult experiences she had while trying to quit smoking. She explained that she tried different remedies to kick the habit, but nothing seemed to work.

"I tried everything," she said. "I did the patch, I did the gum... and went bananas," Heigl said.

After her initial comments on smoking, Heigl pulled out an electronic cigarette and began to smoke it. "Bet I'm freaking you all out right now, huh?" she said.

Heigl praised the electronic cigarette so much for helping her quit smoking that she went on to explain exactly what an electronic cigarette is. She pointed out the battery, the filter and mentioned that the unit contained liquid nicotine. As she explained to Letterman, the smoke that she produced while on the show was actually just water vapor, which transports a small amount of nicotine into your body.

"You blow out water vapor so you're not harming anyone around you and you're not harming yourself," she told Letterman. "You have no excuse now to smoke a real cigarette. You really don't," Heigl says.

Heigl also commented, "I use an electronic cigarette. I know it's ridiculous, but it's helping me not to actually smoke real cigarettes. You feel like you are smoking, and you get to exhale but it's just water vapor. I've been doing it for six months. Smoking sucks!"

As it turns out, she's not the only one in love with electronic cigarettes. Other celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Lindsay Lohan, as well as veteran sportsman Jose Canseco are also e-cig advocates endorsing how it helped them quit smoking. In fact, many Americans are now puffing on electronic cigarettes, with many finding them a better alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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