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January 11, 2010 09:00 ET

Electronic Control Security and Balinor International Announce an Exclusive Distribution and Marketing Agreement With UK-Based Operational Security Ltd.

CLIFTON, NJ--(Marketwire - January 11, 2010) - Electronic Control Security, Inc. (OTCBB: EKCS) (ECSI) and Balinor International, LLC announced today that they have entered into marketing and sales agreements with Operational Security Ltd. to market ECSI's advanced perimeter security technology and leading-edge maritime Anti-Piracy Technology, APT, in India, Africa and the Middle East. ECSI's perimeter security technologies include state-of-the-art surveillance, monitoring and access control systems. The APT System Solution provides automated, seamless integration of the most advanced small-target radar, ECSI-exclusive long range day/night cameras and optional thermal imaging systems, and American Technology Corporation's Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), with new water jet and "dazzle" laser deterrent options now available.

"I believe these represent some of the most exciting security-related technologies available today," said Peter Earnshaw, Managing Director of Operational Security Ltd. "ECSI's perimeter security systems have been proven time and again to offer the most effective intrusion detection and perimeter control available in a range of applications. With respect to the anti-piracy realm, we believe APT is the only really comprehensive and effective anti-piracy solution available to the maritime community, offering 24/7 protection with automated and integrated long-range detection, identification, tracking, recording, communication and non-lethal deterrence. We feel privileged to have this opportunity to participate in bringing these technologies to market."

Norman Barta, CEO of Balinor International, said, "It is with great pleasure that we engage with Operational Security Ltd. to support Balinor's marketing and sales efforts in India, Africa and the Middle East. Combining ECSI's technologies with our new leading-edge deterrent options, I believe we have an unbeatable product in the maritime security and anti-piracy realm, given APT's suitability to both ports and vessels. With their knowledge and experience in the maritime domain, Operational Security is the right partner to support bringing this powerhouse to market in the coming year."

Arthur Barchenko, President and CEO, stated, "We're pleased to be joining forces with Operational Security for our perimeter security technologies, as well as having them partner with Balinor International in offering APT to the maritime marketplace. Operational Security offers a strong presence in their marketing space that I believe will be extremely valuable to us in 2010 and beyond."

About ECSI

ECSI is recognized as a global leader in perimeter security and an effective quality provider for both the Department of Defense and Homeland Security programs. The Company designs, manufactures and markets physical electronic security systems for high profile, high threat environments. The employment of risk assessment and analysis allows ECSI to determine and address the security needs of government and commercial-industrial installations. The Company has teaming agreements with major system integrators in both the United States and overseas to support installation and aftermarket. ECSI is located at 790 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg. C-1, Clifton, NJ 07012. Tel: 973-574-8555; Fax: 973-574-8562. For more information on ECSI and its customers, please visit

About Balinor International

Balinor International is a global technology company with offices in the United States and Greece, and affiliates throughout the United States, Europe and Africa. Balinor's focus is on leading-edge solutions that represent new frontiers in their respective areas and offer substantial added-value. Balinor International's current endeavors include ECSI's state-of-the-art anti-piracy and anti-terrorist technologies, and high-performance, life-changing water filtration systems for Third World and disaster environments. For more information about Balinor International, please visit

About Operational Security Ltd.

Operational Security Ltd. (trading as OPSEC) is a UK-based company with proven success in developing and managing security assessments, systems integration, risk management and global systems sourcing. The company offers extensive knowledge of maritime and aviation security, having advised on projects including ports in Nigeria, Valencia, Morocco, Tallinn and elsewhere in Europe, and managed infrastructure projects including ports and airports in the UK, Middle East and West Africa. OPSEC has also consulted extensively on enterprise risk, security systems and procedures at power and petrochemical plants as well as research and government facilities worldwide. For additional information, please call +44 7876 385683.

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