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The JMOR Connection, Inc.

March 04, 2009 10:30 ET

Electronic File Management: Software to Increase Business Performance and Functionality

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ--(Marketwire - March 4, 2009) - Last month, The JMOR Connection Inc. released their Electronic File Management software, making it available to businesses for download. The use of Electronic File Management, (EFM), allows you to easily find, track, edit, and manage your business documents. The JMOR Connection, Inc. has made it possible for businesses to function more efficiently in this advancing technological world. Avoid the hassles of constantly editing and resaving documents and files, creating a mess of your business documents.

Why Electronic File Management Software?

Using electronic file management software will dramatically increase the efficiency of how you run your business. You can remotely log in on any computer that has Internet access to manage your documents.

Downloading Electric File Management Software

The downloading process only takes seconds. Once you download Electronic File Management software, you can assign an administrator, sub-administrators, as well as allow access to certain documents, and assign editing and viewing privileges to your clients or employees. Choose how long you want a file to remain viewable, who can access it, and who can edit it. Your time is valuable. This method of file management allows you to spend that valuable time focused on improving your business, not searching for business documents.

Benefits and Features of EFM

Besides the ability to effortlessly upload, edit, and manage your files, and who views your files, The JMOR Connection Inc.'s Electronic File Management system allows you to reset a user's password securely from anywhere. Simply request a password reset, and the system will log your IP address, and then send you a confirmation email verifying the password reset. Then click the password reset link in the email within 15 minutes, and be logged on from the same IP address. After you answer two security questions from your registered profile, your password will be reset. This system is extremely secure, it logs and verifies more information than even your bank!

Who is The JMOR Connection, Inc.?

The JMOR Connection, Inc. is dedicated to Engineering Technology to grow your Business®. The JMOR Connection, Inc. is a computer solution firm, located in New Jersey, offers business software solutions, and can advise the right technology to secure and grow your business, wherever your location. For local support, remote support, or NJ computer support, visit us today --, request more information or (877) 767-5667.

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