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March 05, 2014 14:15 ET

Electronic Keyboards Inc. Presents New Concept in Keyboarding

The First and Only PC or Piano Keyboard Where the Keys Move Laterally or Sideways

ELIZABETH CITY, NC--(Marketwired - March 05, 2014) - The first and only keyboard where the keys move laterally or sideways. Hundreds of millions of keyboards will be replaced, same price. A new series of patents have issued that give lateral movement to a keyboard switch. Now a PC, piano or cell phone keys all can be detected sideways. Adding extensive editing features and doing away with the mouse on a computer, and on a musical keyboard you can do individual key vibrato, no bend wheel. U.S. Patents 8,648,737 - 8,354,580 - 8,274,478 - 7,855,715 - 7,982,716 - others pending.

Never before, a portfolio of new US patents with a new innovation that gives you sideways movement detection of keys, so each key senses multi-direction movement like a mouse, or individual vibrato when playing music. Keys can be PC shaped or long shaped for a piano. Microsoft and other companies started the trend to make smarter keyboards with pressure sensing downward pressure to vary loudness, these new patents further the innovation in smart keyboards to have sideward movement sensing for speedier typing and more innovation in creative music sounds. Can you imagine when a concert pianist or rocker can be playing a ten finger cord and you hear ten individual vibratos, the individualist with hear their individualism and the crowd may not even know what they just heard, or a typist is typing, sees an edit and just pressures any key they are typing on in that direction, makes the edit, and moves on typing at one hundred words per minute. Or pick up a cell phone and not get a beep from a pressed key. This will not happen overnight, but as they learn the typing or playing will be moved to the next level or levels. Any finger any key can be a mouse, no more touch pad or mouse needed, no more bend wheel, far more ergonomic split and slideably open keyboard, any finger any key can play vibrato, and the cost of the keyboard is still about the same. Be amazed, you must have it. With hundreds of millions of keyboards in the US alone, everyone will be replaced with this keyboard.

Microsoft made a thousand keyboards with down sensing keys and gave them to collages to try find an application, they reflected the original intent varying loudness, push the key harder and get a bolder character, push the harder and speed up the cursor, and other questionable applications, but other than musical they had no real use for the down sensing keyboard, now with the advent of side wards moving keys you can have many application, basically three, vibrato, editing and no more mouse.

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