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August 01, 2006 12:16 ET

"Electronic Nurse" Hits the Market Can Improve Health Outcome and Lower Cost Of Healthcare

ALR Technologies Announces First Sales of its ALRT500 Home Health Management Reminder and Monitoring System

WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 1, 2006 -- ALR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT) announced today that they have now shipped product to fill the initial purchase order for their ALRT500 Home Health Management system. The ALRT system is the first-in-kind in the US in an affordable, portable and an easy to use system that reminds patients to take medications, treatments or other actions as well as allow for remote monitoring and remote reprogramming by healthcare professionals or family members. The system allows for continued oversight of a patient, as the ALRT500 goes with the patient wherever they are.

ALR Technologies utilized consumer and market research to identify the course of direction to take during the development process, and ease of use, transportability and affordability were the three most essential factors. The product size is similar to a pager or cell phone and the cost of the product and one full year of daily monitoring capability averages less than $40 per month to a health management company. The ALRT500 home health management system provides the following:

--  reminds a person to take actions, treatments or meds at the
    appropriate times of day
--  displays on a screen the exact actions to take
--  displays on the screen any precautions the patient needs to remain
    aware of
--  retains a record of the patient's compliance with these actions
--  allows for remote monitoring by a healthcare professional or family
--  allows for more real-time intervention or behavior modification
    education from use of the patients compliance records
--  easy for the patient to use; just the press of a button at the time of
    each reminder event
--  no PC required for the patient
--  cannot be muted or turned off; essential for a health management
    reminder system
--  is battery powered with more than one year of battery life; low
    battery indicator and replaceable battery
--  essential medical records can be stored for access when traveling and
    a need arises
ALRT500 fills a major unmet need in US Healthcare. Stan Cruitt, president of ALR Technologies, states that the ALRT system fills a significant gap in health management that results in more than $140 BILLION annually in excess and preventable health care costs; "the US health care system provides care when the patient is in the medical clinic or in the hospital or at the pharmacy, but once the patient leaves the pharmacy, the medical clinic or the hospital they are largely on their own, and this environment is where the healthcare system fails the patient. There are many complex treatment regimens, medications, and diagnostics that the patient must follow to get well or to prevent a worsening condition. Simply forgetting what to do, and when to do it, is at the heart of the issue. The problem of forgetting to take your medication can be contributed by many factors, particularly a busy lifestyle."

"People fail to stay the course and the facts are, that if someone does not take their medication, treatment or other action they will not get well and often suffer a worsening condition. This leads to more and more medical appointments or hospitalizations. One compliance reminder group resulted in annual cost reductions of more than $3,000 per diabetic patient, and a clinical trial resulted in a 98% improvement in the percent of people taking all their medications daily," adds Mr. Cruitt. "The ability to lower costs of healthcare is real and obtainable, and now ready for the taking. Self insured corporations or other companies providing for the costs of health plans now have the opportunity to provide better care for their employees/dependents or patients while cutting millions of dollars from their budgets."

The company is now taking orders and a full-scale manufacturing run will commence in August for shipments by late September. "With more than 16 million people with diabetes, 16 million with COPD, and millions more with heart disease, depression, cancer, organ transplant, HIV, etc., the potential benefit to human health and to lowering cost of care is staggering," reports Mr. Cruitt. The ALRT500 health management system can be viewed at

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