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August 25, 2005 16:47 ET

Element 21 Finalizes Lineup of Irons

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 25, 2005 -- Element 21 Golf Company (E21) (OTC BB: EGLF) announced today that it has completed the design phase of its innovative new clubhead for its lineup of irons (3 iron through PW). Tooling for commercial production is well underway. September will see the clubs tested with a robotic arm at Golf Laboratories, Inc. in California.

The Low Gravity Logic™ irons have a cavity back design with a unique hollow body that is filled with a patented high rebound aerospace polymer insert, which transfers more energy to the ball for livelier performance, as well as maintaining a low center of gravity. The head geometry is designed to leverage maximum performance out of E21's patented new scandium metal alloy shafts. The clubs also feature variable face thickness with over 6 in.² of playing surface to maximize the sweet spot of the clubface. A large sole plate helps the player avoid hitting the ball fat.

The mass of the head is closely aligned with the launch angles delivered by the shaft during contact with the ball. To maximize this benefit, the crown is back slanted by 15 degrees. Simply put, there is nothing currently on the market that embodies the design principles evidenced in these irons, and E21 continues to break new ground in the design of its revolutionary golf clubs. A preview of a new clubhead design is available at the company's Web site at this link.

Importantly, the clubs are designed to allow professional clubmakers and PGA tour players to fine-tune the club to their unique preferences. This is accomplished by removing the E21 insignia on the back of the club, gaining access to a tubular weight port to add up to 28 g of additional weight to the clubhead while maintaining its low center of gravity.

These exciting new irons are coupled with Element 21's breakthrough scandium metal alloy shafts. Scandium metal alloy has 55% reduced density, and 25% greater strength than titanium alloys, and 75% reduced density compared to stainless steel. The reduce density and high strength of scandium alloy allows for production of the first shafts to combine the best of both worlds -- the consistency of steel with the weight advantages of graphite. In robotic arm tests utilizing identical clubhead's, the performance of a variety of leading shafts, both steel and graphite were tested in comparison to the scandium metal alloy shaft. The scandium metal alloy shafts demonstrated 10% increases in distance and a 15% increase in accuracy compared to its competitors.

In addition, E21's proprietary new ShockBlok™ technology redirects the vibration created at ball contact back into the golf ball and away from the player's hands. This results in unprecedented "feel," which has consistently been reported back by industry insiders when testing these clubs. Vibration felt by the player is reduced by up to 300%, helping significantly reduce fatigue and injury such as tendonitis or tennis elbow.

Dr. Nataliya Hearn, president and CEO of Element 21 Golf, stated: "These new clubheads provide the feel of a forged club. We are very proud of the final product. The combination of design innovation in both the clubhead and our proprietary scandium metal alloy shafts are destined to make a real splash in the golf industry. Nobody is manufacturing anything similar. It is a very rare occurrence to introduce significant new technologies that advance the performance of clubs to the degree obtained by these new E21 irons."

E21 LGL irons are available in a high-quality mirror finish, with a flat silver back cavity.

About Element 21:

Element 21 is relying on its experience working with advanced scandium metal alloys to introduce this unique space-age material to the golf industry. Scandium alloys were originally developed for applications in aeronautics; MiG series fighter jets and leading edge missile applications, as well as the International Space Station.

Scandium metal alloy clubs represents the first new innovation in material composition of golf clubs to hit the industry in decades. Scandium not only provides significant increases in distance, but more importantly, added accuracy and consistency. Due to their advanced composition, coupled with numerous design innovations, these clubs will offer improved feel while reducing shock transfer to the player's hands.

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