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December 14, 2006 15:30 ET

Element 21 Golf Company Update on Pro Golfer Interest in E21 Equipment

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 14, 2006 -- Element 21 Golf Company ("E21") (OTCBB: EGLF) & Frankfurt (FRANKFURT: BJQ), a manufacturer of advanced Scandium Metal Alloy golf equipment, provided an update on the testing of E21 shafts by a number of professional golfers.

Pro golfers are generally reluctant to go with new equipment in the middle of the PGA TOUR. According to Andy Harris, the E21 Pro Tour field representative, the current off-season period has given additional pro tour golfers an excellent opportunity to properly test the performance of E21 Scandium Metal Alloy golf shafts. This has been sparked by the buzz that has been created on tour, as more and more pro golfers are drawn to the unique E21 Scandium Metal Alloy shafts at the driving range.

Due to pre-existing sponsorship contracts with the different major golf brands, it can be a little tricky getting clubs re-shafted with E21 products. However, PGA TOUR Pros are not prepared to ignore a new product that promises to improve their game, and many have pushed their sponsors to provide them with sets of irons with E21 shafts.

Feedback to date reports that tour pros love the feel of these new shafts, and can work the ball easily to shape shots as required. They are also impressed by the consistency of the shafts. E21 Scandium Metal Alloys have the opportunity to break new ground as the first new material to be embraced by the pros and depart from the traditional reliance on tried and true steel shafted irons.

Testing by some pros has also provided feedback that these new E21 shafts work extremely well into the wind, and do not suffer from the traditional 'up-shooter' effect that can hold golf balls up in flight, draining costly length from their shots.

One PGA TOUR professional reported that he tied a local course record on the first round he played with E21 equipped irons.

Andy Harris noted: "We're hearing reports that E21 shafts respond well to any demands made by the players. The more you demand from these shafts, the better they perform in response. We're very optimistic that the launch of the new season in January will see several important new converts to E21 shafted clubs. While they may not completely understand the advanced science and metallurgy behind E21, they sure seem to like the results."

About Element 21 Golf Company:

Element 21 Golf Company is a Delaware company trading on the OTCBB and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) with offices in New Jersey, USA and Toronto, Canada. E21 holds the exclusive right to manufacture golf products using its proprietary E21 Scandium Metal Alloy. Simply put, E21 clubs are using next-generation technology that delivers marked improvements in distance, consistency, accuracy and feel over any of the most popular products in the $5.5 billion U.S. golf equipment marketplace.

Based on this superior performance, a number of high profile golf professionals have switched to or have begun testing E21's Eagle One shafts in recent months.

E21 Scandium Metal Alloy is the secret behind this advanced performance. Originally developed for advanced aeronautics in jet fighters such as the MiG, it is 55% lighter and offers a 25% greater strength-to-weight advantage over Titanium alloys, the current standard in the golf equipment industry. E21 Scandium Metal Alloys allows greater freedom to move more weight to the perimeter of the club face in woods and hybrids than any other metal, resulting in a significantly larger sweet spot than any other club head. Additionally, E21 Scandium Metal Alloy shafts are almost perfectly symmetrical at 99.5-99.9%, compared to 60-78% typical in graphite shafts and 80-85% for steel.

E21 Golf -- Better Science. Better Performance.

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