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November 07, 2006 15:17 ET

Element 21 Golf Hires Mr. Wei Chen as Senior Technology Transfer Engineer

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 7, 2006 -- Element 21 Golf Company ("E21") (OTCBB: EGLF) (FRANKFURT: BJQ) reported today that it has hired Mr. Wei Chen as its Senior Technology Transfer Engineer.

Based in China, Mr. Chen has a solid background in engineering and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, (including dialects in Chinese) as well as English, providing an outstanding regional resource to ensure effective communications are maintained with the Company's operations in Asia -- one of the typical roadblocks to successful manufacturing processing in these international regions.

Mr. Chen will oversee Intellectual Property and Patent Applications related to the E21 Golf Company in China, as the Company continues the process of managing its key intellectual property rights.

Mr. Chen will also directly oversee the manufacturing processes with several of the largest golf club manufacturers in China and Taiwan, currently supplying the North American and European markets under license to various familiar golf brands. He will have responsibilities to continue to develop proprietary technology partnerships at different stages of the multi-stage production process.

In addition, Mr. Chen will review a number of marketing opportunities arising for E21 golf equipment in response to the Chinese market's captivation with E21's planned golf shot around the world from the International Space Station. This is in response to the fact that China has become only the third nation on Earth capable of independently launching its citizens into orbit in October 2003, creating an upwelling of interest in space-related activities.

The production of Scandium Metal Alloys requires intimate metallurgical knowledge, and employs a complex manufacturing methodology employing a number of secret proprietary steps to ultimately produce a golf shaft with unparalleled symmetry within the golf industry. E21's unique Scandium Metal Alloy golf shafts are manufactured to symmetry tolerances of 99.5-99.9%, compared to typical 60-78% symmetry in graphite shafts and only 80-85% in steel. Scandium Metal Alloy shafts provide unprecedented consistency from shaft to shaft, and most importantly, superior shot-making consistency on the course, an all important statistical average of the player, which ultimately lead to confidence of the mind.

"We believe that it is important as a Company to optimize production processes to achieve economies of scale and low cost production without making any concessions to maintaining the highest possible quality standards. We feel that establishing local management offices is vital to ensure we provide golfers with the best quality products at competitive prices," reported Mr. Bill Dey, E21's Executive Vice President and General Manager. "We are confident that our unique Scandium Metal Alloy golf shafts and clubs will quickly prove themselves in the market, particularly in light of the positive response our products are having at the most competitive levels of play on the PGA Tour."

About Element 21 Golf Company:

E21 holds the exclusive right to manufacture golf products using proprietary E21 Scandium Metal Alloys. Through a sophisticated multi-technology production path, E21 manufactures shafts, drivers, and other clubs with marked improvements in distance, accuracy and feel over competing products. In recent months a number of high profile golf professionals have switched to or began testing E21's Eagle One shafts. E21 Scandium products are 55% lighter and offer 25% strength to weight advantage over Titanium alloys, the current standard in the golf equipment industry. The advanced dynamics of E21 Alloys and the material economics offer a performance-enhanced alternative to manufacturing driver clubs with Titanium, the largest segment of the annual $5.5 billion U.S. golf equipment marketplace.

E21 recently announced its "Golf Shot Around the World Mission" in celebration of the 35th anniversary of Alan B. Shepard Jr.'s historic Apollo 14 Mission. Just about every single record for distance in the golf industry will be shattered this fall when an astronaut will hit a golf ball into orbit around the earth -- using an E21 golf club. It is only natural that this event takes place on the International Space Station, considering that E21 Alloys are also used on the Space Station in high strength, fatigue resistant applications.

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