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March 16, 2010 06:19 ET

Elemica Introduces Two New Solutions to Speed Order Fulfillment Process

Gain Competitive Edge With 30% Order Cycle Time Improvement

EXTON, PA--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) -  Elemica, the industry-leading B2B Supply Chain Network, today introduces Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market, both of which provide a single, fully automated, touchless order fulfillment process for Sellers on the Elemica Business Process Network. Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market convert what were traditionally faxed or emailed orders and delivers them to suppliers in their preferred format. With Print-to-Market or Email-to-Market in place, sellers receive orders electronically instead of manually, achieving as much as 400% reduction in errors, 76% faster order processing, and 78% improvement in managing order changes.

"With Elemica's new Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market solutions, our clients receive tremendous business benefits by automating their orders, and in turn their customers receive significantly improved customer service. It's a win-win that raises the bar on service in the industry," said Mike McGuigan, CEO of Elemica. "Improving the efficiency and accuracy of order transactions enhances customer satisfaction, improves customer service, and better positions companies for competitiveness in the rebounding economy."

Both Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market are already being used by dozens of customers across several suppliers on the Elemica network.

"Elemica's Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market solutions are a completely non-intrusive way to electronically connect with your customers and automate orders that were previously placed by fax or email," says Jens Garby, Director Business Services, The Dow Chemical Company. "This is making a difference, and we're very happy."

According to an Aberdeen Group report published in December 2009, 43% Best-in-Class companies have fully automated the Order-to-Cash process versus 21% laggards. When orders move through a system without manual intervention there is: 30% order cycle time improvement, 5% to 10% higher customer service level, one day of working capital reduction, and a 2% revenue improvement.

Elemica's Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market allow suppliers to electronically receive and process what were traditionally manual orders in a true touchless and automated method. Both products require no IT resources for suppliers or their customers, and were designed to have no impact on customers' processes. 

Print-to-Market and Email-to-Market provide flexibility for Buyers as they can now send orders electronically to Sellers instead of via fax or paper without disruption to their current ordering processes. Suppliers receive orders automatically and eliminate their customer's objection to installing disruptive technologies or overhauling current processes. Electronic invoices can be sent to Buyers, speeding up the invoicing process, improving invoice accuracy, and hastening the order-to-cash process.

About Elemica
Elemica was founded by 22 leading global corporations to deliver best-in-class integration of supply chain trade partners for seamless execution of business processes such as order-to-invoice, procure-to-pay, and logistics booking. Elemica unites global trade partners and provides a true framework of 'Connect Once. Connect To All.' By automating key business processes, removing transactional and communication barriers, and integrating the information flow between business partners, Elemica's clients benefit from reduced cost of operations and faster process execution with fewer resources.

From order entry to invoice processing for logistics, planning, and purchasing, the Elemica network improves productivity, decreases errors, and increases customer and business partner satisfaction. Elemica has connected more than 2500 companies across multiple industries and processes over $60 billion in annual transactions. Clients include BASF, Continental, Dow, DuPont, Goodyear, LANXESS, Michelin, Rhodia and Shell. For more information, visit

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