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September 10, 2012 10:00 ET

Eliminating Hold Time With VHT = Less Stress, Better Health Outcomes

VHT Demonstrates Multichannel Callback Solution at Annual BCBS Show

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Sep 10, 2012) - This week, Virtual Hold Technology® (VHT®) is demonstrating its new Conversation Bridge™ solution that enables customers to request a callback from customer service through internet-connected smartphones, televisions and other devices to more than 2,000 Blue Cross and Blue Shield executives gathered to exchange best practices.

VHT's Conversation Bridge is a multichannel callback solution that launches callback requests to connect customers with live service when they have reached a self-service dead end. It is the solution to one of today's most common and frustrating customer service problems: becoming stranded in closed-loop, self-service systems with no bridge to someone who can help. The Conversation Bridge blends automated support with the human touch by offering access to live agents when customers are contacting them through channels such as mobile apps, social media and websites using devices such as smartphones, internet-enabled televisions, game consoles and store kiosks.

"Several Blue Cross and Blue Shield organizations have already seen the value of VHT's callback solutions, and we are excited to share how to take their customer experience to the next level with the Conversation Bridge," said Eric Camulli, vice president for VHT. "Our latest offering helps to eliminate frustration many feel when they hit a self-service dead end, a feeling likely magnified for customers experiencing health concerns. A strategy like the Conversation Bridge can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction and eliminating that extra stress." 

VHT's Conversation Bridge integrates seamlessly with businesses' existing communications infrastructure to save them money, optimize customer interactions and transform the customer experience. When customers' problems can't be solved through self-service, the Conversation Bridge offers the expected wait time along with immediate or scheduled callbacks that capture previously-entered context data from any channel and securely passes it to agents using existing routing and screen-pop systems. Customers don't have to endure extended hold times, start the process over, re-authenticate or repeat information. Instead, their call is handled by an agent empowered with the most recent relevant information and knowledge to resolve the issue.

VHT pioneered virtual queuing callback technology for contact centers and Fortune 1000 clients in the 1990s and continues to be on the leading edge with solutions for mobile platforms that are seamlessly integrated into companies' existing strategies and systems. VHT's multichannel callback solutions that enhance the customer experience have saved literally hundreds of years of hold time.

About Virtual Hold Technology® (VHT®)
VHT's Conversation Bridge™ is a simple solution with huge impact that provides customers a consistent experience no matter how they try to contact you. VHT's intelligent callback solutions prepare businesses for next-generation communications channels, such as mobile apps and internet-connected TV consoles, by enabling context data to be passed from these channels to existing routing and screen-pop systems. To learn more about how VHT can save your company money, optimize your customer interactions and transform the customer experience, visit or email

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