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June 21, 2016 19:38 ET

Elite Experts Management Group Prepares to Launch New Program

MODESTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 21, 2016) - In "9 Ways to Prepare for Growth and Success," JK Harris stated, "Growth is more than just hitting a set of numbers -- it's a package that includes changes to your company in terms of operations, production, staffing and facilities." Announcing their plan for a massive growth spurt, Elite Experts Management Group plans to add an additional retail partner in June 2016. As an in-store marketing firm, this new addition could double Elite Experts Management Group's revenue and marketing territory within the next year.

By working with a fortune 10 partner, marketing representatives at Elite Experts Management Group will be able to expand their clients' brands and overall footprint in the area. Market Manager Gladys Gonzalez asserted, "Our goal for this 2016 is to open up two more new markets, and also expand our business eastward as we currently operate in the Pacific Northwest and across California." In order to prepare for this expansion, managers like Gonzalez have begun the process of building a larger team in Modesto that the company will train to be experts on the company's clientele and personalized representation for products and services in the area.

When asked about what this new partnership will mean for Elite Experts Management Group, Gonzalez explained: "This launch will create more expansion and also create more jobs within our community. We are more than excited to be able to continuously expand across the United States. Earlier this year we expanded to three different markets. These expansions allow us to create more career opportunities for those areas; which helps boost our economy even more in the right direction."

Harris affirmed, "No company can do without customers, and if you don't stay close to them, you'll lose them. Know what they need, but more important, know what they want and do everything you can to give that to them." Maintaining and building relationships with customers has been one of Elite Experts Management Group's strengths and has enabled them to take on this new partnership. By putting customers first, marketing representatives have become specialists in brand promotions, marketing campaigns, team building, and communications in multiple markets, or territories.

When asked about what she is most excited about, Gonzalez said that the partnership will create opportunities for new managers to get promoted from within the firm. She said, "It's exciting and also motivating to see a small business grow. When our employees see and hear about expansion, it is really uplifting and empowering because our guys know that they do have upward mobility within our company." For more information on the company's growth and career opportunities, visit them online at

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