Elite Detection Dogs Limited

Elite Detection Dogs Limited

January 25, 2011 10:00 ET

Elite's Dogs Are Taking a Bite Out of Bed Bugs

ALLISTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 25, 2011) - With the current bed bug epidemic, Elite Detection Dogs is proud to introduce their team of certified and highly trained bed bug detection dogs.

K-9 detection has been proven to be the most accurate way of bed bug detection with a 95% accuracy rate. Using their exceptional sense of smell, Elite's detection dogs can often find the source of an infestation; key to proper prevention, treatment, and eradication of your bed bug problem.

"Because they can find the source, the dogs are a more effective way to find the problem. You don't have to treat the entire house or building," says Sherri Hall, owner and trainer, Elite Detection Dogs in Alliston, ON.

More and more homeowners, hospitals, hotels and business owners are turning to Elite Detection Dogs for thorough inspections. "Man's best friend" has been used for years by the military and enforcement agencies to detect bombs, drugs and other illegal materials that a human could not easily detect. Elite's detection dogs are trained to pass by the dead bed bugs and alert the handler to the presence of the live ones. They will even seek out bed bug eggs, which are virtually invisible to the naked eye. 

The only company in Canada to do so, Elite uses two dogs for each inspection, one to alert and the second to confirm the findings. This results in faster and more accurate detections. 

Often difficult to detect with the human eye, bed bugs are small, flat and wingless, and can hide almost anywhere. One third of people do not react to bed bug bites, so the problem often goes unnoticed, until there is a serious infestation.

Toronto Public Health reported 1,500 cases in 2009, up from the 46 cases reported in 2003. This alarming rise prompted the Ontario government to take action, pledging $5 million towards a bed bug initiative and public education campaign to help the province's 36 public health units deal with this rapidly growing bed bug "crisis".

Personal inspections tend to be tedious, costly and time-consuming, and are only about 35% accurate. Elite Detection Dogs can inspect the average bedroom, hospital room or hotel room in just minutes. With accurate detection, you are able to treat infested areas accordingly, instead of unnecessarily spraying unaffected areas with harsh chemicals. 

As industry leaders in their field, Elite Detection Dogs has over 35 years experience breeding and training dogs, and is the only company in Canada to offer the services of K9 bed bug inspections, as well as training/selling detection dogs. While many detection companies choose to use rescued dogs, Elite Detection Dogs are purebred for task-specific jobs. All dogs are temperament tested and veterinarian certified free of genetic disease. 

For more information about how Elite Detection Dogs can help you or your business, please contact: 1-855-SNIFDOG or visit www.elitedetectiondogs.com.

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