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March 26, 2015 16:19 ET

Elkhorn Recognizes World Water Day

WHEATON, IL--(Marketwired - Mar 26, 2015) - Elkhorn Capital Group, LLC, an independent investment firm that designs, sponsors and distributes research-based financial solutions is pleased to recognize World Water Day, an initiative of the United Nations bringing attention to the need for new infrastructure addressing water shortages that result from pollution, decaying infrastructure and shifting weather patterns.

"Water scarcity is an under-championed and urgent worldwide issue that will continue to challenge society without proper intervention," said Ben Fulton founder & CEO of Elkhorn. "Water is not only essential for life, it's a basic requirement for sustainable economic development."

"We have the capability to solve this water scarcity issue with today's technology," continued Ben Fulton. "Responsible development of available water resources and wider scale planning is greatly needed. To support efforts that address this issue, we created the Elkhorn Foundation which partners with organizations committed to improving lives around the world by bringing safe water and effective sanitation to families in need."

In conjunction, the Elkhorn Foundation Pure Water investment platform was built to provide a series of financial solutions for investors seeking targeted access to companies that drive efficient and sustainable use of water. A portion of the platform's profits will be donated to the Elkhorn Foundation to help provide an opportunity for greater impact.

A United Nations report recently noted that the world could experience a 40 percent shortfall in water in just 15 years unless current use patterns are dramatically changed. In many developing countries, water use is inefficient and wasteful, and water pollution is rampant. Wide-scale education and infrastructure upgrades are needed to help prevent large shortages in the future. Please visit World Water Day 2015 for additional information.

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