July 01, 2015 08:00 ET

Ello Bill of Rights for Social Networks Released Today -- Thousands Sign Document Worldwide

Millions-Strong Ad-Free Social Network Outlines Basic Rights for All Social Network Users, Supporting Privacy & Transparency

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Jul 1, 2015) - Ello, the beautiful & ad-free social network, published the Ello Bill of Rights today. 

The document outlines ten fundamental rights for all social network users. These include the right to privacy, the right not to have data about you sold to third parties, the right to own what you post, the right to have friendships that are not sold to advertisers, and more.

View the Ello Bill of Rights here.

Thousands of people signed the document within hours of its release.

"Ad-based social networks like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram are collecting massive amounts of data on their unsuspecting users and selling it to the highest bidder in a way that is both deceptive and manipulative," said Ello CEO & Founder Paul Budnitz. "The Ello Bill of Rights outlines the basic rights to privacy and transparency that we should all expect on a social network. On Ello, this keeps our network positive and safe."

The Ello Bill of Rights comes at a time of increasing public scrutiny of the privacy intrusions practiced by Internet companies. Facebook's privacy practices have led to class-action lawsuits against the company in the European Union and the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently excoriated Internet companies who offer free services in exchange for user data.

Ello launched in late 2014 as the world's premier ad-free social network, and has attracted a strong following of millions of users worldwide.

As a legal Public Benefit Corporation, Ello will free of third party ads forever. On Ello, all posts are chronological, and there are no manipulative algorithms or boosted posts that prioritize paid content over posts by friends.

Users can view and download all their personal data that is stored on Ello. Unlike other social networks that own the content that users post, Ello users retain ownership of the things they create. On Ello, users can also delete their account permanently at any time by hitting a single button on their settings page.

"Millions of people use social networks like Facebook because they feel obligated to, but don't really enjoy doing so," said Budnitz. "The Ello Bill of Rights assures an awesome experience where we can connect with friends, share what we love, and find inspiration in art, ideas, and positivity."

Thousands of people worldwide have already signed the Ello Bill of Rights, which was published at midnight on July 1, 2015.

About Ello

Ello is a beautiful and ad-free social network where you can connect with friends, be inspired, and share what matters most.

Launched as a beta in September 2014 with just 90 people on the network, Ello has evolved into a full-featured social network with a new iPhone app and millions of enthusiastic users worldwide.

Ello's iOS app launched in mid-June 2015, and has been featured and downloaded hundreds of thousands of times in its first few days in the App store.

Ello has a strong following among the creative community and small businesses worldwide. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Ello exists for user benefit and will never show ads or sell user data. There are no algorithms that prioritize paid content over messages from people you follow. On Ello users post the things they love for all their followers to see for free.

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