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October 16, 2008 09:02 ET

ELMOS introduces automotive IC and sensor innovations in Detroit

DORTMUND, GERMANY--(Marketwire - October 16, 2008) -

Convergence 2008 activity highlights gesture command, sun angle detection technology

Dortmund/Detroit: ELMOS Semiconductor AG will introduce recent IC and sensor innovations during Convergence 2008. A presentation will highlight non-mechanical switches based on ELMOS' patented HALIOS® optical technology, a miniature, light-independent system for 3-D movement recognition and gesture-based commands. The presentation will also focus on the first automotive planar sun angle sensor, enabling high-performance vehicle climate control. Additionally, ELMOS will introduce a sensorless EC motor drive (VirtuHall®), as well as the new application-ready PSS 1 integrated pressure sensor system.

As part of ELMOS' Convergence events, Dr. Patrick Popp, General Motors' Director of Global Electronics, Controls and Software Product Development Asia/Pacific, will deliver remarks on "EE Vehicle System Trends" on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 starting at 7 p.m. at an industry dinner. The remarks will be followed by a discussion and one-on-one conversations.

Movement and gesture recognition products - HALIOS®

ELMOS ASSP components E909.01 and E909.05, based on the HALIOS® technology, are special readout ICs behind infra-red (IR)- transparent surfaces that enable measurement of proximity and contact of fingers, hands or objects. One, two and three-dimensional movements can be detected. Typical applications include gesture-controlled actuators such as lamps that can be turned on and off or dimmed by a wave of the hand, and switches behind glass (for explosion protection) suitable for sterile or harsh environments. IR-based detection is independent of any ambient light impact and works equally well under extreme or changing light conditions.

Sun angle sensor for high-performance climate control

The E910.86 sun angle sensor, with a planar set-up for precise determination of the angle of light occurrence, requires no optics and is integrated into a package of only 4 by 4 square millimeters. When the sensor is placed close to the surface of the dashboard, it enables a planar transition between sensor and environment, making possible for the first time a highly adaptive vehicle climate control.

Sensorless EC motor control - VirtuHall®

The VirtuHall® motor drive concept enables sensorless detection of the rotor position of brushless EC motors. The application uses the same concept to detect rotors all the way from standstill to high motor rotation speed, eliminating transitional disturbances. The concept is ideally suited to all kinds of EC motor drive systems and underlines the advantages of this particularly robust and simply constructed motor drive.

Application-ready integrated pressure sensor system - PSS 1

ELMOS' new PSS 1 pressure sensor system provides a highly universal and cost-effective solution for a great number of automotive pressure applications. The system consists of a MEMS sensor cell and a signal processor integrated into a special SOIC-20 package. The component comes fully calibrated, which makes it a "ready-to-use" product. Meet us at the Convergence 2008 in Detroit, U.S.A. by requesting a meeting via our website ( or by contacting our Detroit offices. Please e-mail Jill Roussey in advance at or call +1 (248) 865-3475. We look forward to your visit!

For more than 30 years, the Convergence has been the leading trade fair for automotive innovation in the United States. It takes place every two years at the Cobo Center in Detroit. More than 8,000 visitors attended Convergence 2006. This year's Convergence will be held from October 20 to 22, 2008.

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ELMOS is a leading developer and manufacturer of customer-specific system solutions in the automotive sector. Its modular high- voltage CMOS technology enables the company to realize a wide range of customer ideas and opportunities through a variety of analog mixed-signal elements, including voltage regulators, analog- digital converters, power drives and non-volatile memory. More information is available at

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